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Nothing Happens Until We Communicate

Format: Self-Study Course

Nothing Happens Until We Communicate

Success starts with good communication skills. Lillian Bjorseth helps you, your employees, co-workers and your family communicate better through appearance, body language, gender differences, listening, presentation, self-esteem and writing skills. Following is a brief description of each program.

Don't Wait Another 10 Seconds - Appearance Skills: People decide 10 things about you in the first 10 seconds after they meet you. These decisions are based on your image, which is a combination of your appearance and behavior. This program helps you understand the part that appearance plays in what you "say" before you speak. Review how you developed a self-image and how to make sure it continues to work well for you. Understand how the colors you wear help manage the impression you make. In fact, you cannot dress neutrally! Learn firsthand how a few, simple changes can help you appear more confident and powerful. Get the prescription for continued growth.

  • Importance of Impression Management
  • Your Self-Concept
  • The One, Two, Three Punch - Color, Style and Fit and What They Mean
  • Imaging Hints for Men
  • Imaging Hints for Women

We Say It Without Words - Body Language: People decide 10 things about you in the first 10 seconds after they meet you. These decisions are based on your image, which is a combination of your appearance and behavior. This program helps you understand the part body language plays in what you say before you speak. Learn how and why the "silent language" speaks much more loudly than the one you can hear. Learn the importance and nuances of:

  • Posture
  • Handshakes
  • Gestures
  • Eye Contact
  • Facial Expression
  • Hand-to-Face Movements
  • Arm and Leg Movements
  • Space Bubbles
  • Seating Arrangements

He Said/She Said - Gender Differences in Communication: Gender differences in communication are real. He talks to inform; she talks to relate, yet both are working toward a common goal. We make it easier to get there. You will review and learn:

  • Why the Differences Exist
  • What the Differences Are
  • Helpful Hints for Men
  • Helpful Hints for Women

Shhh! Listen, Don't Just Hear - Listening Skills: Listening is our most used communication activity; however, it is the least taught from kindergarten throughout our professional careers. Much more than keeping quiet or just hearing, listening is an interactive process that helps you improve your personal and professional success. Good listening skills help companies save time and money by boosting morale and increasing productivity.

  • Evaluate Your Listening Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Examine Types of Listening Behavior
  • Learn Major Listening Blocks
  • Learn Myriad Tips to Listen Better
  • Understand and Practice Active Listening

Speak Easy:Overcome the Number One Fear - Presentation Skills: Your mouth is dry. Your hands are wet. Your knees are knocking. Your mind just went blank. Relax! You have lots of company. Speaking in front of people is the Number One Fear. (Death ranks seventh!) Knowing it and doing something about it are two different things. Your business success depends on your being able to communicate articulately and confidently what you know! That's why these products are a must in everyone's library.

  • Do Your Groundwork
  • Prepare Your Preparation
  • Rehearse
  • Handle "Qs &As" With Ease
  • Deliver Your Preparation
    • Control Anxiety
    • Master Your Body Language
    • Polish Your Appearance
    • Look 'em in the Eye
    • Punctuate Your Presentation
    • Keep Your Mouth Moist
    • Keep Your Hands Below Your Neck

Unlock Your Potential Within - Self-Esteem:You already have the answers you need. What you may need to learn is how to tap into them daily. Or, maybe you need to believe first that you have the answers. That's a simple concept, however, not an easy one to accept for many people. This program will help. Take time to do the exercises. They will almost certainly help raise your self-esteem and self-confidence even if you are already well on the pathway to personal and business success!

  • Find the Power Within
  • Learn Where Self-Esteem Comes From
  • Take Charge
  • Examine Your Values
  • Set Goals
  • Deal With Temporary Setbacks

Write Right - Writing Skills: Why do you sweat when you look at your blank computer screen? Why do people sometimes misunderstand your e-mails and memos? Should you use the active or passive voice, we or us? Are you guilty of adjective/adverb overkill? Is your writing too technical? If you want to learn to write the right way or gain more polish, then this CD and workbook are for you! There's no magic to business writing; it's just good writing, applicable at all levels and to all occupations. The workbook has seven exercises to reinforce your learning experience. Learn the importance of:

  • Putting it in Writing
  • Getting Started
  • Knowing the Role of the Right Brain and Left Brain
  • Understanding Value of Clarity, Brevity and Good Grammar
  • Defogging Your Writing

You will receive a CD and workbook for each section. And the beauty is you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule at home, in the office or in the car. Also, you can share them with your family, employees and co-workers if you want them to learn the nuances of good communication skills.

Good communication only happens when your message is received in the manner you intended it to be. Are you a good communicator or could you use some help to hit your mark?

About The Provider: A client said Lillian Bjorseth could read the IRS tax code and make it interesting. Imagine her enthusiasm when she talks about her favorite topics of business networking, business development and communication skills!

Lillian has helped tens of thousands of people build more social capital since starting Duoforce Enterprises, Inc. in 1990. She believes that networking and good communication are the 21st century tools to build relationships that help increase sales and enhance careers.

She urges large companies to embrace the concepts that small business has long used successfully. Her zest to have colleges and universities teach these skills has led her to develop what may be the first online in-depth relationship-building series.

Look to Lillian when you want:
  • Inspirational keynotes, workshops
  • Educational, entertaining luncheon and dinner talks
  • In-house training
  • One of the first DISC-certified trainers in the world
  • Online classes that teach...and entertain
  • Skills coaching
  • Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last
  • 52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market
  • Nothing Happens Until We Communicate (CD/workbook series)
  • Marketing Boot Camp DVDs (co-presenter)
  • Masters of Networking (contributing author)
Lillian also...
  • Is a founding member of the Relationship Networking Industry Association
  • A faculty member of www.prorealestatecity.com
  • A member of the National Speakers Association
  • A member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce
  • Was named one of the Outstanding Women of the 21st Century
  • Is a member of more than a dozen Who's Who
Price: $171.95
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