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The moral hazards of bailouts and the economic climate are not just topics for intellectual debate and academic pontification. Both conditions have an impact on individuals who work at your institution, and when combined with the powerful influence of the rationalization process, some employees make the decision to embezzle to satisfy their needs.

Are you doing what you need to understand the perils, minimize the conditions, prevent what you can, discover those you cannot, and respond appropriately when it occurs.

This Session is for You!

Discover the conditions which attract embezzlement and effective steps to minimize the risk to your organization. Learn to look for the signs of employee theft and embezzlement, and the steps to prevent a colony of embezzlers from destroying your business. You will learn the prevention steps every business should be utilizing to manage the risk of internal theft.

Covered Topics:
This session will cover fundamental controls pertaining to:

  • Management responsibilities
  • Policies and procedures
  • Conditions that lead to internal theft
  • Indicators of embezzlement
  • The most prevalent scams to watch for
  • Prevention steps
  • Steps to take if embezzlement is detected

Who Should Attend?
Register for this program to improve your understanding of the embezzlement perils you face today, with updated information to assist you in your embezzlement prevention efforts.

The Presenter
Jim Rechel is president of The Rechel Group, Inc., a risk-consulting firm headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. He is on the board of The Institute for Criminal Justice Education, Montgomery, Alabama and a member of numerous national organizations, and is a certified financial security officer.

Prior to working for The Rechel Group, Inc, Rechel was vice president for Fifth Third Bank headquartered in Cincinnati, where he held positions in various departments, including Retail and Lending, and Security Director.

Rechel received a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Cincinnati in 1982. He graduated from the FBI Academy in 1985 and was a special agent with the FBI in Selma, Alabama, for three years. Over the last 15 years, he has conducted workshops and seminars for more than 1000 professional organizations, and over 75,000 individuals.

Course Details
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