ASLI 163: Surplus Lines Insurance Operations

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About This Course:
This course provides a general introduction of surplus lines insurance.

This concise and focused study guide covers:

  • Executive summaries of the text
    • Fundamentals of Surplus Lines Insurance Operations
    • Insurance Regulation
    • Insurers' Roles in Surplus Lines Marketing
    • Intermediaries' Roles in Surplus Lines Marketing
    • Product Development and Program Development
    • Surplus Lines Underwriting: Risk Assessment
    • Surplus Lines Underwriting: Ratemaking
    • The Claims Function
    • Reinsurance
    • Financial Analysis of Insurers
    • The Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS)
    • Financial Analysis of Intermediaries
    • Insurance Cycles and the Surplus Market

You also will receive a Bonus Book containing:

  • Definitions of Key Words and other relevant definitions
  • Answers to Review Questions

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Note: This course is required for the ASLI designation. It may be taken independently for professional development or in conjunction with other courses to earn the ASLI designation. Click on this hyperlink for a full description of the designation.
ASLI 163: Surplus Lines Insurance Operations
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