CFA® Level 1 Test Prep Software

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About This Course:
The CFA® Exam pass rate averages approximately 40%, which categorizes it as one of the most difficult exams to pass.

But now there's help! Dramatically increase your odds of passing by preparing with our CFA® Test Prep software for Level 1. You will receive:

  • Content and Test Questions updated for current year Learning Outcome Statements
  • Over 1,100 practice questions with solutions and detailed explanations
  • Access to a 486-page study guide covering all 18 Sections of Level 1
  • Diagnostic system that identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice Exams to simulate actual exam conditions
  • Automatic Free updates

How To Prepare For Your CFA® Exam

The Lambers CFA® Review software operates in 3 distinct modes that help to identify, drill, and then test your knowledge.

The Pretest Mode will establish your baseline skill set and offer a customized pretest assessment.

Next, the Adaptive Drill Mode will focus on areas of weakness by drilling the candidate with specific exam questions.

Once the software has determined you have mastered the material, you can enter the Simulated Exam Mode, which will help build your stamina for the real exam.

Lambers will provide you with the experience, knowledge and confidence you need to pass this most difficult exam.

Don't wait...Order today!

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CFA® Level 1 Test Prep Software
Price: $299.95
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