Getting Work Master Series

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About This Course:
How do you find a job as an independent adjuster? Who do you contact? What traits are hiring companies really looking for? How do you get your foot in the door when seemingly every company requires 3 years experience? These are the questions we're most often asked by our clients. Career Booster™ is the answer.

Having all the licenses and training in the world won't matter until you're given an opportunity to show your stuff in the field. We answer the hard questions about what it takes to get a job as an adjuster and back those answers up with time-tested resources to help you find work as quickly as possible.

What does Career Booster™ include?

How to Get a Job - From Inexperienced to Indespensable. This is an exclusive 6-part webinar series:

  • Part 1: Know Your Target. Before talking strategy on how to get a job, you need to know who hires adjusters and what makes them tick. 45 minutes
  • Part 2: The Right Stuff. Now you know who's hiring, let's discuss precisely what they want in a new applicant. 45 minutes
  • Part 3: Beating the Catch 22. If everyone requires experience to get a job, how do you ever get experience to begin with? We tackle that question head-on. 45 minutes
  • Part 4: Making a Great First Impression. The average employer spends 10 seconds looking at your resume. We'll show you how to make every second count. 1 hour
  • Part 5: Following-Up. This is what truly separates the employed from the unemployed. Without an aggressive follow-up strategy, your odds of landing a job drop 75%. 1 hour
  • Part 6: Secrets of the Elite. Like every career, the 80/20 rule applies in adjusting. 20% of independent adjusters earn 80% of the money. We tell you how. 1 hour
  • BONUS: 5 Things That Will Get You Sent Home. Most adjusters who don't make it fail within the first 14 days in the field. Avoid these 5 critical missteps and avoid becoming another statistic 45 minutes.

Job Finder's Toolkit. This provides 24/7 access for life to exclusive resources to help you get a job:

  • How to Write a Winning Claims Resume - ebook by CEO Daniel Kerr
  • Cover Letter Writing for the Claims Industry - ebook by CEO Daniel Kerr
  • Two proven resume templates customized for the claims industry
  • Adjusting firm directory: AdjusterPro's exclusive list of the top independent adjusting firms
  • Roster "Blitz" worksheet: a checklist to help you systematically attack the application process

This course is available for stand-alone purchase or as an add-on to our 7-day total training package.

Getting Work Master Series
Price: $229.00
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