HSA Success Marketing System

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About This Course:
Are you an expert in health insurance but don't know how to attract, or market to, pre-qualified prospects? Then the HSA Success Marketing System™ is your answer!

Learn the secrets to effective HSA marketing that will keep your pipeline full and the commissions rolling in!

HSA Success provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that makes it an absolute "no-brainer" for the novice or the expert to sell more health insurance. Our System provides you:

  • Professionally designed, personalized, consumer "hot button" direct mail pieces designed to interrupt your prospects and get their attention
  • Five powerful PowerPoint presentations focused towards four hot target markets. Helps you teach prospects what they need to know about consumer driven health care
  • Follow up emails/letters/phone scripts designed to increase your close ratio. Why re-invent the wheel when it's already been done for you?
  • 11 HSA Consumer Education Reports leads your prospects to buy from YOU; these reports are excellent for trickle marketing to your prospects who are not yet ready to make a buying decision
  • 34 Basic HSA Questions - this attractive handout addresses your prospects main concerns and was created from the most frequently asked consumer questions about HSAs
  • Attractive Personalized HSA Brochure is perfect for a quick leave behind handout - yes, the carriers have these too, but this one comes with your own contact information already attached
  • Valuable Tips and Advice on how to buy good qualified leads on the internet; what questions you should be asking and what to watch out for before spending one dime
  • Proven, professionally written power scripts that dramatically increase your close ratio over the phone, including complete answers for all possible objections that your prospects could come up with
  • Easy To Use HSA Savings Calculator – This simple to use excel spreadsheet allows you to quickly and easily plug in your prospects numbers to show them the value of their HDHP/HSA
  • Ad Evaluation Worksheet -Stop Making Stupid Ad Mistakes Now! We're including our own personal 30 point checklist that's been honed over years of experience on thousands of ads. You can use it to critique and improve your own ads. Save thousands of dollars in wasted advertising...professionally critique your ads before they go out

System Format

The HSA Success Marketing System™ is provided in an easily-downloadable, electronic format allowing you immediate online access. Upon ordering, you will receive an email providing instructions and log-in information for accessing the System online.

Browse through our virtual library of marketing materials in our HSA Success Media Center and download any item, personalized with your company-specific contact information.

As HSA legislation and practices are constantly evolving, we routinely provide updated materials on the Media Center site - naturally available for your immediate download and personalized with your information! Enjoy access to the Media Center for one full year; thereafter, your annual renewal subscription is only $99.

Order Now!

HSA Success is a must-have sales tool for the serious health insurance producer or agent who wants to become one. HSA Success has been tested and proven to work in all 50 states by health insurance professionals all across America.

HSA Success even comes with the confident assurance of a 100% money-back guarantee.

Priced at only $399, HSA Success will quickly pay for itself with only one additional sale! Take action today, you have absolutely Zero Risk!


In just three weeks, I have shown your PowerPoint® presentation three times to a total of 67 people; 34 of these have requested an HSA quote. It seems like with the system you have produced, nobody turns me down.

Now referrals are starting to kick in and people are actually calling me for appointments and quotes!

~J.D. Williams

HSA Success Marketing System
Price: $399.00
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