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Understanding Financial Statements

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Understanding Financial Statements

If you're a business professional who could benefit from a more thorough grasp of financial statements, this course is tailor-made for you!

You'll quickly master financial statement fundamentals and develop a comprehensive understanding of how they work, learn how to interpret them accurately, and discover how to use their information to make more effective, better-informed business decisions that have a positive impact on your organization's bottom line.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:

  • How to decipher general accounting terminology and gain a clear understanding of the language of finance and accounting
  • Gain insights to vastly improve your working knowledge and interpretive ability for balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements
  • How to use your enhanced knowledge of financial statements to develop better budgeting, projection, and forecasting skills
  • Interpreting annual reports: how to translate their deluge of information into knowledge that can help you make informed decisions
  • How to better communicate with accountants, bankers, comptrollers, and other finance professionals
  • Using financial ratios to analyze trends, conduct industry comparisons, and predict financial problems before they become insurmountable

In this powerful one-day seminar, you'll take a guided tour through the complexities of the financial statement. In clear, easy-to-understand language, we'll explain how to read financial statements, interpret their data, and put that information to positive use.

This course is designed to give business owners, managers, and other non-financial professionals an arsenal of tools for understanding, analyzing, and interpreting financial statements. As a result of this course, you'll have a better understanding of not only financial statements, but of how their information fits into the "big picture" at your organization.

You'll be able to use the information gleaned from financial statements to plan ahead for your organization, ensure that cash flow is regulated, and make timely, educated decisions regarding new product lines, equipment purchases, business expansion, increasing personnel, borrowing capital, and much more.


First Things First — Basic Accounting Principles for Non-Financial Professionals

  • How to use general accounting terminology (GAAP) like a pro
  • Become familiar with the underlying assumptions accountants use when preparing financial statements: historical cost, revenue recognition, matching principles, product costs, period costs, full disclosure, conservatism, materiality, and accrual accounting
  • What the FASB, SEC, and AICPA are and how they govern accounting methods
  • Two primary groups who are users of financial information — who they are, what they need to know
  • The difference between managerial accounting and financial accounting

The Balance Sheet

  • Discover what a balance sheet is, and what sets it apart from other financial statements
  • Decipher how accounts are classified within the balance sheet
  • "Current," "fixed," and "other" assets — what they are, how to assess their value to the company
  • Use comparative analysis to analyze an organization's financial picture over a specified period of time

The Income Statement

  • Identify the components of a classified income statement
  • Understand why tax expense on the income statement is not always the same as taxes paid during the year
  • Distinguish gains and losses categorized as "extraordinary" and how they are reflected on the income statement
  • Cost of Goods Sold — learn what this means to an analysis of expenses
  • Learn how to determine gross profit, compare to net profit, and draw conclusions about a company's operating environment

Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements

  • What financial statements can't tell you — review the limitations of financial analysis
  • Using horizontal analysis to determine increases or decreases in income, profits, and expenses
  • Using vertical analysis to compare individual income and expense amounts with net sales
  • An introduction to ratio analysis
  • Using ratios to determine profitability: proven formulas for net profit margin, net operating margin, return on assets, return on equity, earnings per share, and more!


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CPE certificates will be available 10 days after your event has ended.

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Understanding Financial StatementsHUNTINGTON, WV4/24/2017
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Understanding Financial StatementsMADISON, WI5/12/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsMEMPHIS, TN5/12/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsONTARIO, CA5/15/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsANAHEIM, CA5/16/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsLONG BEACH, CA5/17/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsCARLSBAD, CA5/18/2017
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Understanding Financial StatementsSAN LUIS OBISPO, CA5/31/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsKNOXVILLE, TN6/1/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsHONOLULU, HI6/2/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsJOHNSON CITY, TN6/2/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsLAFAYETTE, IN6/5/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSPRINGFIELD, MA6/5/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsCROMWELL, CT6/6/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsINDIANAPOLIS, IN6/6/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsLOUISVILLE, KY6/7/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsDANBURY, CT6/7/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSTRATFORD, CT6/8/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsBOWLING GREEN, KY6/8/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsNEW HAVEN, CT6/9/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsNATICK, MA6/13/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsWOBURN, MA6/14/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsRUTLAND, VT6/15/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsBURLINGTON, VT6/16/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsNORWICH, CT6/20/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsHYANNIS, MA6/21/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsWORCESTER, MA6/22/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsAUGUSTA, ME6/23/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsPHOENIX, AZ7/10/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsTUCSON, AZ7/11/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsNORFOLK, VA7/19/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsRICHMOND, VA7/20/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsFREDERICKSBURG, VA7/21/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsFREDERICK, MD7/24/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsCOLUMBIA, MD7/25/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsGALVESTON, TX7/25/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsANNAPOLIS, MD7/26/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsHOUSTON, TX7/26/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsWASHINGTON, DC7/27/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsAUSTIN, TX7/27/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSAN ANTONIO, TX7/28/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSACRAMENTO, CA8/1/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSANTA ROSA, CA8/2/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSAN FRANCISCO, CA8/3/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSAN JOSE, CA8/4/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsCONCORD, CA8/7/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsMODESTO, CA8/8/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsVISALIA, CA8/9/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsMELVILLE, NY9/6/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsNEW YORK, NY9/7/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsHASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ9/8/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsTACOMA, WA9/11/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsPORTLAND, OR9/12/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSALEM, OR9/13/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsBEND, OR9/14/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsMEDFORD, OR9/15/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsWICHITA, KS9/18/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsKANSAS CITY, MO9/19/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsCOLUMBIA, MO9/20/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsST. LOUIS, MO9/21/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsPEORIA, IL9/22/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsPOUGHKEEPSIE, NY9/25/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsBELLINGHAM, WA9/25/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsWHITE PLAINS, NY9/26/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsEVERETT, WA9/26/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsSEATTLE, WA9/27/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsEDISON, NJ9/27/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsANCHORAGE, AK9/28/2017
Understanding Financial StatementsFAIRBANKS, AK9/29/2017

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