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Insurance Certifications And Designations

Earn An Insurance Certification Or Designation!

Have you been considering the pursuit of an insurance designation, such as the ARM or CPCU, to accelerate your career in the insurance industry? Perhaps you were passed over for that last promotion and need to stand out among your peers? Would you like to distance yourself in the claims industry by earning the AIC or AAI designation? Don't worry, we can help!

The Benefits Of An Insurance Certification

Obtaining an insurance certification can provide you with several benefits, including:

Our Best-Selling Insurance Certification And Designation Programs

ABTrainingCenter offers the most complete collection of courses to help you earn a particular insurance certification or professional insurance designation. Below is a list of common insurance-related designations and exam prep materials that will boost your knowledge and career!

To learn more, simply click on one of these designations, or select the designation and your state from the "Designations/Certifications" section of the search box below for Insurance certifications and designations. Click here for Financial Services certifications and designations.There is no better way to prepare for any one of these insurance certifications than by taking our ABTraining Center courses. We offer flexible learning options. If you prefer to learn in a live environment, look into our webinars. If you prefer to learn according to your own schedule from home, we have many comprehensive online courses. If you like to set your own study structure, we can send you complete self-study materials as well. Choose your designation above and order your course today!
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Why Are Insurance Certifications Important?

Insurance is a crowded field, and it’s important to stand out if you want to be successful. Many insurance companies like to be able to offer a wide range of specialized services in order to attract the widest client base. By obtaining certain insurance designations, you indicate to a given insurance company that you have the qualifications to be their point person in a given type of insurance work.

There are many different types of insurance certifications, and each one has different requirements for receiving the certification. You can be sure that no matter which insurance certifications you pursue, you will ultimately be required to pass an exam demonstrating your mastery of the subject matter.

That’s where ABTraining Center comes in. Our insurance courses have a proven track record for helping candidates learn faster, internalize more information and improve their chances of passing the exam. Our study materials are geared towards helping you pass the certification exam the first time so that you can get right to your next certification, start practicing, apply for a new position or jockey for that promotion!

What Are The Best Insurance Designations?

Anyone asking what are the best insurance designations should start by determining what specialty areas best helps you and your clients. For instance, the AIC designation can improve your technical claims handling abilities, whereas the Workers Compensation Specialist designation is great for those who work with workers' compensation.

While each certification carries its respective benefits, some general advantages to a certification or designation include:
  • Increases your value to your clients and organization
  • Enables you to stay up-to-date on the changes in regulations, policies, and procedures that impact your job function
  • Improves your understanding of how to apply various rules and regulations
  • Helps you build a support network consisting of other certified professionals
  • Makes you a more attractive candidate to prospective employers
  • Exemplifies your commitment to your career
  • It improves your overall marketability, as recruiters will take notice of your expanded experience and industry knowledge
  • When you're better prepared to handle a job's responsibilities and execute on that potential, you're likely to have increased job security in an age where companies are not afraid to move on from people
  • Individuals who hold certifications can earn up to 15-percent higher remuneration than the market average
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