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Earn Your AINS Designation!

Searching for AINS training? Then you've come to the right place! offers AINS training and certification courses for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious Associate in General Insurance designation.

What Does AINS Stand For? What Is AINS Certification?

The Associate in General Insurance (AINS) designation provides a solid foundation to help you accelerate your career in insurance. The courses provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of insurance principles, practices, policies, and coverages, while the optional electives allow you to focus on areas relevant to your professional goals.

The AINS is recommended for people in all functional areas of property-casualty insurance, managers or supervisors, customer service representatives, call center staff, and administrative and support staff.

What You'll Learn With AINS Training

  • Understanding insurance
  • Insurers and how they are regulatedSeries 7 licensing
  • Insurance policies
  • Insurer financial performance
  • Life insurance planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Disability and health insurance planning
  • Homeowners property coverage
  • Homeowners liability, conditions, coverage forms, and endorsements
  • Automobile insurance and society
  • Personal auto policy: liability, med pay, and UM coverage
  • PAP: physical damage, duties after an accident, endorsements
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Business income insurance
  • Commercial crime and equipment breakdown insurance
  • Workers compensation and employers liability insurance
  • Businessowners and farm insurance
  • Specialty coverages
  • Marketing
  • Underwriting and ratemaking
  • Claims
  • Risk management
  • Loss exposures
Read below for curriculum information and exam requirements.

Recommended Courses For Earning Your AINS Designation offers multiple courses and training formats for earning the AINS designation.

Simply select any of the recommended courses below, or search under "Licensing/Designations" in the search box thereafter for "AINS - Associate in General Insurance".

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Additional Info For The AINS Designation

How To Obtain The AINS Designation

To earn the AINS insurance designation, you need to pass three course examinations:
  • AINS 21: Deals with property and liability insurance
  • AINS 22: Which covers personal insurance issues
  • AINS 23: Which covers commercial insurance
Alternatively, you can substitute an insurance course elective (see below) for either AINS 22 or AINS 23. You must also pass an ethics examination. The exams have 85 questions and you have two hours to complete them. Your goal is to achieve a grade of passing (P).

Curriculum For The AINS Certification

To earn the designation, candidates must follow one of the required paths below, successfully passing an examination for each of the courses therein.

Required Courses
  • AINS 21, AINS 22, and AINS 23 (no electives required)
  • AINS 21 and AINS 22 + Pass the exam for any elective course listed below except CPCU 555
  • AINS 21 and AINS 23 + Pass the exam for any elective course listed below except AAI 82, APA 92, CPCU 551 or CPCU 552
  • Note: It is best to take AINS 21 prior to taking AINS 22 or AINS 23. The required Ethics course can be taken at anytime.
Course Descriptions
  • AINS 21: Property and Liability Insurance Principles
  • AINS 22: Personal Insurance
  • AINS 23: Commercial Insurance
Elective Course Functional Areas

  • CPCU 500 Foundations of Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU 520 Insurance Operations, Regulation, and Statutory Accounting
  • CPCU 530 The Legal Environment of Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU 540 Business and Financial Analysis for Risk Management and Insurance Professionals
  • CPCU 551 Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU 552 Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU 555 Personal Risk Management and Property-Liability Insurance
  • CPCU 556 Personal Financial Planning
  • CPCU 560 Financial Services Institutions
  • AIM 40 Contemporary Management
  • AIM 44 Human Resource Management
  • AIT 131 Essentials of Information Technology
  • AIT 132 Insurance Uses of Technology
  • AIT 134 The Strategic Management of Information
  • AIAF 111 Statutory Accounting for Property-Casualty Insurers
  • AIAF 112 Insurance Information Systems
Agent/Broker, Customer Service, Call Center:
  • API 28 Personal Insurance: Underwriting and Marketing Practice
  • API 29 Personal Insurance: Portfolio Management and Issues
  • AU 65 Commercial Underwriting: Principles and Property
  • AU 66 Commercial Underwriting: Liability and Advanced Techniques
  • AAI 82 Multiple-Lines Insurance Production
  • AAI 83 Agency Operations and Sales Management
  • ANFI 205 National Flood Insurance: Fundamentals
  • ANFI 206 National Flood Insurance: Advanced Studies
  • AIC 33 Claim Handling Principles and Practices
  • AIC 34 Workers' Compensation and Managing Bodily Injury Claims
  • AIC 35 Property Loss Adjusting
  • AIC 36 Liability Claim Practices
  • ARe 144 Reinsurance Principles and Practices
Risk Management:
  • ARM 54 Risk Assessment
  • ARM 55 Risk Control
  • ARM 56 Risk Financing
  • ERM 57 Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
  • API 28 Personal Insurance: Underwriting and Marketing Practices
  • API 29 Personal Insurance: Portfolio Management and Issues
  • AU 65 Commercial Underwriting: Principles and Property
  • AU 66 Commercial Underwriting: Liability and Advanced Techniques
Other Specialty:
  • APA 91 Principles of Premium Auditing
  • APA 92 Premium Auditing Applications
  • AMIM 121 Ocean Marine Insurance
  • AMIM 122 Inland Marine Insurance
  • AFSB 151 Principles of Suretyship
  • AFSB 152 Contract Surety
  • AFSB 153 Crime Insurance and Noncontract Surety
  • ASLI 163 Surplus Lines Insurance Operations
  • ASLI 164 Surplus Lines Insurance Products
  • IR 201 Insurance Regulation

Examination Requirements
  • Each AINS exam is a two-hour, 85 objective question, computer-administered exam (exams for elective courses vary)
  • Your results will be provided immediately upon the completion of your exam.
  • National exams are given at local testing centers during the following two-month windows:
    • January 15 - March 15
    • April 15 - June 15
    • July 15 - September 15
    • October 15 - December 15
  • Exam fees will apply
  • Contact Prometric testing centers at 800-266-3232 for more info or to schedule your exam
Ethics Requirement

Those pursuing the AINS designation must pass a 50-question exam in the Ethical Guidelines For Insurance Professionals online module. This module is offered by the Institutes at no charge. If you wish to earn CE credits for passing the 50-question, objective, online exam included with it, there is a nominal $5 administrative fee.

Additional Requirements

Candidates are not required to meet experience or education requirements to attain this designation.

Continuing Education Requirements

A designee is not required to fulfill any annual continuing education requirements, nor are there any annual fees for a designee to maintain the designation.

How To Prepare For The AINS Certification Examinations

To receive the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) designation, you must pass the required exams and to pass those exams, you must be prepared. The Agent Broker Training Center can help make sure you are, with AINS courses specifically designed to help you pass the AINS examinations the first time.

Our surveys show that our candidates pass the AINS exams at roughly twice the rate of those who use other preparation materials, helping you learn more in less time. This is because our courses include study guides that are direct and to-the-point. These guides cover all the most important aspects of issues like understanding insurance, underwriting and risk management in clearly laid out ways that are easy to understand and retain.

The better prepared you are, the greater the likelihood you will pass it the first time and be able to start started on your insurance career sooner rather than later. Make the investment in yourself and order our AINS courses today.

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