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Become A Property & Casualty Insurance Agent With Our P&C Insurance Licensing
And Exam Prep Materials

Get Your Career Started With Our Approved Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses For All States! 93% Pass Rate!
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Earn Your Property & Casualty Insurance License With Our Pre-Licensing Courses, Study Guides, Practice Tests, And Exam Prep Materials!

Are you preparing for your upcoming Property & Casualty insurance exam? Look no further than ABTrainingCenter. We offer a comprehensive range of training courses and exam prep materials to help you become a licensed P&C Insurance Agent.

Whether you prefer in-person classes, online training, or self-study materials, we have you covered! Additionally, we offer training options for prestigious designations like CPCU, ARM, AIC, and more.

Recommended Property and Casualty Courses & Available Training Options

To find available casualty and property insurance exam prep, study guides, practice tests, and pre-licensing courses, as well as information to help with your examination scheduling, choose your state from the table below.

P&C Licensing
- State Rules And Recommendations -
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Conversely, you may search under "Licensing" in the search box below for your desired property and casualty insurance licensing course and state, and press 'Go!'. You also can go to Life And Health Insurance License or Adjuster for state specifics on Life & Health or Adjuster licensing and exam prep materials.

About Our Property And Casualty Exam Prep Materials

Our courses fulfill state-required pre-license education requirements and are available in instructor-led, online, and self-study formats. Our exam prep materials are designed to be concise and easy to understand, providing essential insights, exam tips, and state-specific rules and regulations.

Bottom line, you receive a unique combination of instructional resources and interactive support tools designed to help you pass your property and casualty exam. You typically receive:
  • Both print and online tools that include a comprehensive textbook utilizing short, focused paragraphs with numerous graphics and exercises to help students learn faster and retain critical information
  • A searchable FAQs database
  • Exam Tips, Study Calendar, and hundreds of practice exam questions
  • State Law Supplement that provides the most current state laws and regulations
  • Videos that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and as frequently as you like
  • Instructor email access for help with any tough areas
Use our property and casualty exam prep materials to test yourself with practice questions and solutions, pinpoint problem areas by building customized exams based on difficulty, length, and topic of your choice, and create online personal notes and bookmarks for future reference. Good luck passing your Property & Casualty insurance licensing exam!

Top FAQs

Generally speaking, you must take your state-required pre-licensing courses, then pass your state's licensing exam After passing, you typically must meet any basic state requirements such as age, passing a background check, etc.
While each state's licensing exam is separate, you will generally find questions about policy types, coverage options, terms, definitions, and you state's laws and regulations.
We offer online and Instructor-led courses for taking your state's required pre-licensing course and earning your insurance license. You receive downloadable and printable training materials, Instructor-led training, and a bunch of sample exams.
The basic recommendation is for you to review all the course content and take as many of the sample exams that come with your pre-liensing course. For more tips, go to

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What Is A Property and Casualty License? How Do I Become A P&C Insurance Agent?

A property and casualty license is required for selling property and casualty insurance, which is insurance that protects an individual's or business' assets or protects them from liability. You can sell a variety of different types of insurance under a property and casualty license, such as homeowners' insurance, car insurance, commercial property insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Generally speaking, to get licensed, you must take your state-required pre-licensing courses, then pass your state's licensing exam (Note: TrainingCenter offers your required pre-licensing courses in both self-study and virtual formats). After passing, you typically must meet any basic state requirements such as age, passing a background check, etc.

Property & Casualty (P&C) Licensing Requirements

The license is obtained by upon successful completion of an entry-level exam that tests the applicant's knowledge of general insurance concepts, insurance provisions and policies, and contract law.

Applicants are also expected to be familiar with laws and regulations pertaining to property and casualty insurance in their specific state, in addition to federal regulations pertaining to insurance and public transactions. The specifics of the examination, number of questions, time allotted, passing scores, and so on, varies from state to state. The test is given in multiple choice formats in all states.Property & Casualty Insurance License

About The Property and Casualty Insurance Exam

Before you can sell property and casualty insurance, you will need to pass the property and casualty insurance test, sometimes called the P & C exam, for your state. You may also be required to successfully complete a pre-licensing course. Fortunately, you will find everything you need to pass the property and casualty exam and meet your pre-licensing certification requirements at Agent Broker Training Center.

How To Prepare For The Property And Casualty Exam

In preparation for the exam, applicants should take our property and casualty insurance courses, including our pre-licensing courses and our study guides, practice tests, and exam prep materials. A combination of coursework and personal study materials, either digital or printed, will give you your best chance of passing your licensing exam on the first try. Since each state may have different laws, terms, and definitions when it comes to property and casualty insurance, it is very important that your study materials and courses are geared to your specific state.

About Our Pre-Licensing Courses And Exam Prep Materials

AB Training Center offers training programs that are essential for helping applicants successfully pass the exam and obtain a license. The company's training programs consist of property and casualty courses as well as CPCU designation courses that include exam preparation and pre-licensing courses. Also offered are training programs for CPCU and AIC designations.

There are a number of different options for undertaking AB Training Center's training programs. Applicants may choose from live in-person classes, online training courses, and self-study programs for property and casualty insurance, property only, or casualty only licenses.

AB Training Center's casualty and property insurance exam prep and pre-licensing courses are offered in almost every state around the country. The company's website details information on the licensure examination requirements in each state. Those looking for more specific information on the licensure exam may also search the site for the appropriate insurance licensing course in their specific state. And to help with your examination scheduling, we provide information on each state's licensing requirements, insurance department, and examination scheduling facilities.

Good luck passing your Property & Casualty insurance licensing exam!

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