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Alabama Property & Casualty Insurance Licensing Info

Earn Your Alabama P&C Insurance License With Our Alabama Pre-License Exam Courses!

Get your Alabama Property & Casualty Insurance License with our inventory of state-approved Pre-Licensing exam courses.

Property And Casualty Insurance Training For Earning Your Alabama P&C License

If you are familiar with insurance needs, you know the most popular policies individuals seek out are health and life and property and casualty insurance. By earning your property and casualty Alabama insurance license, you can expand the reach of your business and help more customers.

For an Alabama combined property and casualty pre-licensing certification, you must complete a 40-hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance and pass a certification exam with a 70% score or higher.

Alabama P&C License Exam Prep

Once you complete your pre-licensing, schedule your exam with the Alabama Department of Insurance. You can take your test in Birmingham, Gadsen, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa. For just the property or casualty exam, the fee is $50. For the combined property and casualty exam, the fee is $75.

Show up at the scheduled time and location with a valid form of government-issued photo ID and your certificate of pre-license completion. When you pass the test, as indicated on the Department of Insurance website within three days, you can apply for your license. First, get fingerprinted. You can schedule that here for $48.25. Then, go to NIPR to submit your application.

What Is On The Alabama Property And Casualty License Exam

The Alabama P&C licensing exam features 150 questions with three hours to complete the entire exam in the following categories:
  • General Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Fundamentalsalabama-insurance-licensing
  • Dwelling Policies
  • Homeowners Policies
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Lines
  • Other Commercial Policies
  • Businessowners Policy
  • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
  • Other Types of Policies
  • Alabama Insurance Law Common to All Lines
  • Alabama Insurance Law Pertinent to Property and Casualty
  • Alabama Insurance Law Pertinent to Auto Insurance
For both the individual and the combined lines, a score of 70% is required for passing.

Recommended Alabama Property And Casualty Pre-License Insurance Courses

Agent Broker Training Center is the perfect source for Alabama P&C license courses because we offer state-approved pre-licensing P&C courses to fulfill your pre-licensing requirement and help ensure you pass the exam to earn your Alabama insurance license. Browse our course offerings below and choose the one that best fits your needs and interests.

To find training, either click on a Recommended Course below, or select "Insurance - Property & Casualty" from the "Licensing" section of the search box below.

Top FAQs

You must take your state-required pre-licensing course, then pass your state's licensing exam. After passing your exam, you typically must meet any basic state requirements such as a minimum age, passing a background check, etc.
The P&C Licensing Exam encompasses the fundamentals of the various types of life insurance products, such as whole life, term life, universal life and annuities, as well as health insurance offerings such as PPOs, HMOs and Major Medical. You'll need to understand all the policy components, such as riders, exclusions, amendments and provisions and how they apply to real-world scenarios. Most states also include questions regarding state-specific insurance regulations as well as the ethics of selling insurance products to ensure that agents meet the clients' needs.
P&C Agents sell policies that protect people and businesses against property damage. Policies typically cover homes, cars, trucks, and boats from fire, theft, and other events. You'll work with clients on what policies best suit their needs, tailor policies to fit their requirements, and help customers when they have questions or need to change their coverages.
If you work for a firm like AllState, you sell their produsts only. As an Independent Agent, you can sell products from several companies.
Independent Insurance Agents typically earn commissions for selling various insurance products.
The basic recommendation is for you to review all the course content and take as many of the sample exams that come with your pre-liensing course. The Instructor-led format includes both live and recorded instruction, plus the ability to email you Instructor, so utilize these features as much as needed. For more tips, go to
COVID changed the delivery format for training. Now, most states use the Instrucor-led webinar format for those individuals who prefer "live" training. This format provides you with access to live and recorded sessions, as well as the ability to email your Instructor.
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Contact Information: Alabama Insurance Licensing

Alabama Department of Insurance - Licensing Division
Address: 201 Monroe Street, Suite 1700 | P.O. Box 303351 | Montgomery, AL 36130-3351
Phone: 334.241.4126
Fax: 334.240.3282

Examination Facility

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This information is based on state laws and regulations, and is subject to change. ABTrainingCenter makes every effort to make sure this information is current and accurate, however, ABTrainingCenter is not engaged in rendering legal or professional advice and shall not be held responsible for inaccuracies contained herein.
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