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Associate In Claims (AIC)

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Earn Your Associate in Claims (AIC) Designation

Searching for AIC training? Then you've come to the right place! We can help you earn an Associate In Claims (AIC) designation to improve your technical claims handling ability! offers a variety of AIC training and AIC exam prep materials for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious Associate In Claims designation. Read below for specifics.

Why Earn An Associate In Claims Designation?

The Associate in Claims designation is a great way to expand the insurance knowledge of yourself or the adjusters who work for you.

For those who already have experience in the insurance field, the AIC degree expands your knowledge, provides greater insight into how the insurance claims industry operates and lets both prospective employers and clients know you have a commitment to the insurance profession that goes above and beyond the standard education.

Benefits Of The AIC Designation

If you are seeking a job handling insurance claims, an AIC designation is a great way to get yourself noticed and stand out from among the pack of qualified applicants.

If you already work handling claims, the AIC designation can help establish your expertise in the field. In other words, an AIC designation provides advanced education that helps you do your job better – and makes you more valuable! Below are just a few of the topics covered in the AIC curriculum.
  • Homeowners and Personal Lines Property Coverages
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Property Loss Exposures
  • Conditions, Optional Coverages, and EndorsementsAssociate In Claims (AIC) designation
  • The claim function
  • The claim handling process
  • Investigating claims
  • Documenting claims
  • Negotiating claims
  • Litigating claims
  • Good faith claim handling
  • Dealing with fraud
  • The Loss Adjustment Process
  • Loss Investigation and Coverage Defenses
  • Preparing Property Loss Estimates
  • Merchandise Loss Valuation, Adjustment, and Settlement
  • Business Income Loss Valuation, Adjustment, and Settlement
  • Specialty Losses, including Inland Marine, Condominiums, Builders' Risks, Crime, Computer Losses, Pollution, and Contractors' Equipment
What Does AIC Stand For? What Is The AIC Designation?

The Associate in Claims program teaches you how to reduce time and costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and avoid costly lawsuits. With this program, you'll improve your technical claim handling skills, communication and negotiation skills, good-faith claim handling abilities, and in-depth policy knowledge.

Recommended Courses For Earning Your Associate In Claims Designation offers multiple self-study courses and exam prep materials for earning the AIC designation and other financial certifications. Simply select any of the recommended courses below, or search under "Designations/Certifications" in the search box thereafter for "AIC - Associate in Claims" to order your AIC exam prep materials for earning your AIC certification.

Best-Selling Training Courses:

Online Training Courses

Top FAQs

AIC is the synonym for Associate In Claims.
The AIC designation signifies that an individual has advanced training in claims handling processes and procedures.
You must complete several required classes, then pass the exam to earn your AIC certification.
Our courses help you to study for and pass the AIC exam. Essentially, think of them as a type of Cliff Notes. Pass rate with these materials is over 90%, so they definitely help!
Statewide for all exam takers, 70%, but with our courses, 97%.
AIC Designees can expect to earn between $70,000 and $100,000 per year.
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More Information About Earning Your Associate In Claims Designation

About The AIC Curriculum

To earn this designation, you must complete specific courses. For details and a listing of the required courses, go to, which is where you order the designation courses and from whom you earn your designation.

Please note that the course listings you see here on TrainingCenter are study guides and exam prep materials, not the official designation courses.

In other words, similar to earning a college degree, you receive the degree from your college, but can use Cliff Notes or other exam prep materials to help you pass the courses to earn your degree.

While the exam prep materials shown on TrainingCenter are not required, the average pass rate with these materials is 97.3%, so they definitely are instrumental in helping to pass your certification exams on your first attempt, thereby saving you time, money, and aggravation.

How To Prepare To Earn The AIC Designation

While you have a number of options when it comes to preparing to earn your Associate in Claims designation, we think you will find the most effective is studying with AIC courses from Agent Broker Training Center. We have courses geared toward your specific AIC exam that will provide you with all the information you need in an easily-digestible but complete fashion.

Our goal is to help you pass the AIC exams the first time, and our candidates indicate they spend less time covering all the required material and pass more often thanks to our study guides. The sooner you pass the exam, the sooner you can expand your offerings as an insurance representative, so order your courses and start studying today!

Examination Requirements
  • Each AIC (and AINS) exam is comprised of a 3 segment exam. Each segment is a one-hour, objective (multiple choice), computer-administered exam.
  • Your results will be provided immediately upon the completion of your exam.
  • National exams are given at local testing centers during the following two-month windows:

    • January 15 - March 15
    • April 15 - June 15
    • July 15 - September 15
    • October 15 - December 15
  • Exam fees will apply
  • Contact The Institutes 800-644-2101 for more info or to schedule your exam
Ethics Requirement

Those pursuing the AIC designation must pass a 50-question exam in the Ethical Guidelines For Insurance Professionals or Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct online exams. This exam is offered by the Institutes at no charge. If you wish to earn CE credits for passing the 50-question, objective, online exam included with it, there is a nominal $5 administrative fee.

Additional Requirements

Candidates are not required to meet experience or education requirements to attain this designation.

Continuing Education Requirements

A designee is not required to fulfill any annual continuing education requirements, nor are there any annual fees for a designee to maintain the designation.

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