Life, Health & Variable Annuity Practice Exam Generator

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About This Course:
Are you having trouble passing your state licensing exam? Need extra confidence? Try the Life, Health &Annuity Practice Exam Generator with a large database of questions, and the ability to self-grade.

Our Practice Exam Generator provides students the ability to measure their knowledge prior to taking their actual state insurance licensing exam, while giving them the tools to pass the exam!

In this course, the practice exams are separated into the three primary domains of knowledge examined on state agent licensing exams - Life, Health, and Annuities. This structure permits the student to focus his or her studies on those areas where the most help is needed.

Each time students begin a practice exam, a new random set of 35 questions will be drawn from the question pool, placed in a unique order with possible answers also randomized.

As you take the exam, your responses are scored automatically. For example, if you select a wrong answer to the first question, and then select the right answer - your score will be 50%. Each time you select a right answer your current score is reported. After you have answered all the questions correctly, your total score will be reported, along with the time taken to complete the practice exam.

This learning methodology improves one's knowledge and confidence, helping you to succeed on your state insurance licensing exam!

Accessing Your Course:

You will receive an email with access instructions from Online Training Institute within 24 hours of placing your order.

This course offers unlimited use - 24/7 - for 60 days. If necessary, you may request a one-time 30 day extension for $15 before your course expires. For an extension please call us at 866-357-0841. If the course expires you will have to repurchase the course.

Life, Health & Variable Annuity Practice Exam Generator
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