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Course/Product Description

Retirement Tax Guide

Format: Self-Study Course

Maximize your client's retirement dollars by taking full advantage of the many tax-reducing shelters, trusts, credits and deductions available only to retirees.

In this 32-page special report, Donald Korn, financial and tax adviser, puts his decades of tax code analysis to work for you. His advice can make the difference between a large refund and a crippling bill for your older clients.

Table of Contents:


  • Capitalize on Tax Cuts
  • Build, Then Shelter Your Nest Egg


Qualified Plans: Good Mileage for Your Money

  • 401(k)s: Fund 'Em to the Max
  • Maximum Contribution Limits for 401(k)s
  • Table 1: Amount to Put in a 401(k) Plan Monthly
  • On Your Own: Keogh Options
  • Keep It Simple With SEPs
  • Twice As Simple
  • Contribution Limits for SIMPLE Plans
  • IRAs: Save Even More
  • Maximum IRA Contribution Limits
  • Table 2: IRA Deductibility for Active Participants (in 2003)
  • Roth IRA Revolution
  • Roth 401(k)s: Coming in 2006
  • Following in Your Footsteps
  • Countdown to Estate Tax Repeal
  • Know How to Hold 'Em
  • Get Liquid With Loans
  • Early IRA Payouts
  • Dealing With Distributions
  • Stay Out of the Penalty Box

Nonqualified Plans: Alternate Avenues

  • A Basic Blueprint
  • Rabbi's Rules
  • Safety First: Secular Trusts
  • Bonus Points for Owners
  • Annuities: The Waiting Game
  • Shopping for a Deferred Annuity
  • Upfront Bonuses and Long-Term Care
  • Learn Before You Leap

More Routes to Savings

  • Policy Matters
  • Variable Life or Variable Annuity?
  • CRTs: Sweet Charity
  • CGAs: More Charitable Thoughts
  • CRT Versus CGA


Trimming Your Tax Bill

  • Table 3: What Part of Your Benefit Is Taxable?
  • Normal Retirement Age Rising
  • Shrink Your Income
  • When to Start Collecting Benefits
  • How to Take Your Lump Sum
  • Rollover Roulette
  • Withdrawals: Decisions, Decisions . . .
  • Life Expectancy Table

Cashing in on Annuities

  • Flexibility or Tax Savings?
  • Split Annuities
  • Lifeline to Safe Borrowing

Super Shelters for Retirement Income

  • Tax Breaks With CRTs
  • Inflating Income With CRTs
  • Private Annuities: All in the Family
  • Investment Property: Exchange, Don't Sell

Relocating: Research in Advance

  • State Tax Rankings
  • Estate and Inheritance Taxes by State
  • Escape From Tax Traps
  • The Artful Dodge

Home, Sweet-Equity Home

  • Over-55 Exclusion Repealed
  • Basis Buildup
  • Recycle the Gain Exclusion
  • Cashing In
  • Finding a Lender
  • Reverse Mortgage Basics
  • Different Strokes: Sale Leasebacks


Appendix I: For More Information
Appendix II: State Departments of Revenue

Expert tax advice from a retirement planning pro!

About The Provider: The Tax Strategist is the one-stop practice-building advisory service that helps you:
  • Earn more business from your existing clients
  • Win new clients
  • Spend less time staying up to date on new tax laws
  • Build your reputation as a tax strategist, not just a tax preparer
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