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CPCU 540 - Finance and Accounting For Insurance Professionals

Online Course: ID# 1005846
Price: $424.99
About This Course:
The CPCU 540 is the forth in a series of eight required exams to complete your CPCU designation.

The questions on the CPCU exam require you to fully understand and apply every minor detail of each main topic, and our course covers every topic and detail that may appear on the CPCU 540 exam. Delivered online, this course is updated according to the latest edition of the CPCU 540 exam, and is up to date with the current content of the exam.

What You'll Get:
  • Complete Online Course - Covering everything that is on the test, this is designed for faster and easier studying. It is delivered online, but you also receive a downloadable PDF if you want to print a physical copy of the course
  • Memorize The Formulas - We point out the minor details and break down the complex concepts so you can master every aspect of every topic. We include a section for each chapter to review formulas, the most important aspect of the CPCU 540 exam (there are 80+ formulas required for this exam).
  • Note Taking Study Guide - Designed to ensure you take notes on the most important topics for your exam
  • 440+ Practice Questions - You receive over 400 sample questions for each chapter and topic of the CPCU 540 exam to ensure you grasp the main concepts
  • Quiz Explanation - Detailed explanation about the correct answer for every quiz question
  • Comprehensive Practice Exams - Two full practice exams, 85 questions each, formatted exactly like the actual CPCU 540 exam (with the same number of exam questions) to give you a "real exam" feel
  • CPCU Insight - Our insight detailing what to expect from each chapter on the CPCU 540 exam and our personal email support to provide advice on any question or exam topic

    How To Access Your Course

    Once ordered, you go to the MyAccount page on the menu bar, then click on the course title therein. Depending on the time of day you order, please allow up to 24 hours for the course to become available.

    Money Back Guarantee - Pass the CPCU 540 exam with our Comprehensive Course or your full money back, guaranteed.
    CPCU 540 - Finance and Accounting For Insurance Professionals
    Price: $424.99
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