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FMLA Training & Certification Program w/ Procedures Manual and E-Alerts

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Learn Key FMLA Compliance Processes And Procedures!

Already used by many of the country's Third Party Administrators, the program provides detailed analysis - in plain English - of your organization's compliance responsibilities. You will learn everything from the basics to advanced concepts, and will receive answers to your questions regarding FMLA administration and compliance.


>>>The FMLA Training & Certification Program

Our FMLA Training & Certification Program is loaded with information on plan design, administrative options, and compliance requirements on the many and complex FMLA rules.

More than just a read-along format typical in printed books, the course includes numerous examples, "Administrative Tips", and "Procedural Recommendations", as well as scenario-based, multiple choice interactive quizzes (with answer rationale provided) that test your ability to apply the correct procedures and processes learned during training that are key to FMLA administration. And when you have completed the course, you can test to earn a "Certified FMLA Administrator" designation.

Our FMLA Certification course will provide all of the latest information on FMLA compliance and the FMLA guidelines for employers, including the intermittent FMLA guidelines. It also will help you understand questions such as employer FMLA requirements and how does FMLA compliance work, including:
  • When does FMLA start, what does it cover, and how long does it last certified fmla administrator
  • What can FMLA be used for
  • FMLA notice requirements
  • FMLA Return-To-Work guidelines
  • FMLA Intermittent Leave rules
  • Can an employer deny FMLA leave
  • What can an employer do if it suspects FMLA abuse
  • Best Practices for employer FMLA requirements and FMLA documentation
>>> The FMLA Procedures Manual

The FMLA Procedures Manual includes all of the training content included in our FMLA Training & Certification Program, and also includes search capabilities and 'Related Links' that allow you to find answers quickly.

>>> Forms Notices, And Updates

You also receive all required forms and notices and updates whenever the law changes.

Note: This course is sold as an annual subscription with four components: the training course itself; access to all training materials as a resource for one full year; free updates whenever the law changes, and; a Certified Administrator designation. Access to resource materials, free updates, and a new Certificate are available for subsequent years for a low renewal fee of $99 per year.

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FMLA Training & Certification Program w/ Procedures Manual and E-Alerts
Price: $999.00
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