Follow Up is Golden

Online Course: ID# 1002366
About This Course:
You did your before-the-event preparation. You worked the event with ease, and now you have a handful of business cards. What do you next? You follow up, of course!

You'll learn how ... from the importance of collecting and recording information on business cards for populating your database to follow-up methods from email, handwritten notes, e-zines or newsletters to the time-proven telephone calls, business meals and referrals. You'll also learn how to recognize and respond online and on the telephone to the four styles of behaviors described in detail in the first course of the series.

The goals of this course are to help business people from entry level to retirement:

  • Understand that follow up is vital to make your networking efforts bear fruit
  • Learn which methods are most effective and how to implement them successfully
  • Create different follow up approaches for different communication styles, i.e. one size doesn't fit all
  • Build trust that will lead to ongoing referrals

This course offers unlimited use - 24/7 - for 60 days. If necessary, you may request a one-time 30 day extension for $15 before your course expires. For an extension please call us at 866-357-0841. If the course expires you will have to repurchase the course.

Follow Up is Golden
Price: $25.00
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