New Jersey Workers' Compensation Series Training and Exam

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About This Course:
This course provides a comprehensive overview of New Jersey compensation as well as some in-depth discussion of recent case law and relevant rule changes which are essential to effective case management. 3 hours of audio &visual instruction.

Learning Objectives

By taking this course, you will learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate in New Jersey. The course is delivered via self-paced, online modules and an end-of-course exam, as described below.

  • New Jersey Workers' Compensation Insurance System Overview

    This module covers the technical aspects of insurance in Indiana including how insurance underwriters determine the premium employers pay and what factors drive up the cost of a workers' compensation insurance policy.

  • Overview of the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act and the Mechanics of Medical and Indemnity Benefits

    This module explains the rationale behind the New Jersey compensation system and the fundamentals of entitlement to benefits, and provides a detailed discussion of how medical benefits work and the intricate nature of indemnity benefits in New Jersey. Also discussed are the requirements necessary to file a claim and the differences between traumatic and occupational injury claims.

  • Statutes of Limitation, Motions for "Med and Temp", and Basis Defenses

    In this module, a brief but thorough explanation of the extremely important issue of Motions for Medical and Temporary Benefits (Motions for "Med and Temp") is provided. It explains the requirements and timelines adjusters must follow as well as the nature and entitlement to medical benefits and tools needed to avoid litigation if possible. Also addressed are the multiple defenses available to the New Jersey Employer, the elements needed to assert these defenses, and the case law illustrating how these defenses can be properly asserted.

  • Occupations Disease Claims, Total and Permanent Disability Claims, The "Second Injury Fund", Credits, and Rule Changes

    In the final module, an in-depth discussion of Occupational Disease Claims is provided along with the additional elements needed to be proven by an injured employee to prevail. The difference between occupational claims and traumatic injury claims is of great importance and will dictate not only the defenses asserted, but also the respective burdens of the parties in litigation.

    Also addressed are Total and Permanent Disability Claims, the possibility of including the "Second Injury Fund", and possible credits and entitlements to subrogation. Lastly, we take a look at recent statutory and rule changes and their effect on handling claims.

  • New Jersey Workers' Compensation System Update

    This live or recorded webinar will discuss the recent case law trends in New Jersey from the Supreme Court of New Jersey and the Appellate Divisions well as legislative changes and recent legislative proposals. This session also discusses the impact of proposed changes to the Act and proposed Rule changes.

  • Exam

    An exam is included in the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Series. It consists of 50 questions with a 90 minute time period. You must first take the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Series training modules before taking this exam. You will have one attempt to pass this exam with a passing score of 70% or higher. (Additional exams are $50.)

You will receive six months of unlimited access to this package. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with instructions to access your online training. You may begin immediately!

Note: This course may be taken independently for professional development or in conjunction with other courses to earn the Workers Compensation Specialist (WCS) designation. Click on the hyperlinked item for a full description of the designation.

New Jersey Workers' Compensation Series Training and Exam
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