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Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Online Course

Online Course: ID# 1003512
Price: $275.00
About This Course:
The #1 Preferred Texas Adjuster Licensing Course by Insurance Carriers All Across the Nation!

This course provides the most direct and effective mechanism for securing your Texas All-Lines adjusters license and, because it is considered the most comprehensive online adjuster licensing program in existence, it is the preferred program by the industry's most well-known carriers and third party administrators.

Our online adjuster licensing program serves as the most effective entry-level adjuster training program available on the market today.

The course's interactive, reinforced-learning process ensures maximum understanding and retention that will have an immediate and positive impact on the new adjuster's level of knowledge and skillset. Students are engaged with frequent "knowledge checks" that reinforce understanding and retention and prepare them for the Final Exam.

The course is self-paced, effectively allowing a prospective adjuster to go as fast or as slow as he or she wishes while adequately focusing on the most relevant points of insurance policy and claims practice. Comparable to a 40-hour live program, the student is actually exposed to and learns much more than could ever be taught in a classroom setting...simply because the classroom is limited to the slowest learner.

Learning Objectives

Lesson material is presented in a user-friendly format that is colorful, interactive, interesting, and relevant to adjusting practice in today's "real-world" of claims. Training covers:
  • Introduction to Insurance Claims Adjusting
  • The Role of Insurance, the Adjuster, and Claims Practice
  • Laws & Rules that Affect Adjusters
  • Property and Liability Insurance Concepts
  • Personal and Commercial Automobile Insurance & Claims Handling
  • General, Professional, and Homeowners Liability Insurance & Claims Handling
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance & Claims Handling
  • Introduction to Property Insurance Adjusting and the Basic Adjusting Calculation
  • Personal and Commercial Property Insurance & Claims Handling
  • Perils Insured and the Application of Relevant Property Doctrines
  • Boiler & Machinery, Crime & Surety, Inland & Ocean Marine, Farm & Flood
Lesson Exams

Throughout the course, interactive exercises gauge understanding and retention and refer the student back to parts not fully understood...all of which are designed to more than adequately prepare the student for passing the Final Exam.

The Final Exam

You must pass a 150-question, multiple-choice exam that is administered at the conclusion of this prelicensing course by achieving at least a 70% score. More than 99% of all candidates pass the exam on the 1st try; but if you don't pass the first time, you can try a second time, and if you still don't pass, one of our subject matter experts will provide, at no charge, a complimentary personal consulting session before your third attempt...and NO ONE has failed the third attempt.

Don't Worry! Everything you do while taking the course prepares you for the final exam. There is nothing you will see on the final that you have not already seen in the course, and we prepare you for that.

The Good News!: Your Texas state adjuster exam requirement is waived by successfully completing this course, and ultimately, when you're finished you will know that you're ready to be an adjuster!

How To Secure Your License

After passing the course, you need merely send AE21 a notarized Student/Monitor affidavit, following which we send YOU an official Certificate of Completion. You then submit a copy of this Certificate, along with your Texas Adjuster Application, to the Texas Department of Insurance for an award of your license.

*Don't worry about the process! Complete and detailed instructions for completing the course and submitting your application are provided at both the beginning and end of the course. Nothing could be easier!

Reciprocity Rules

Texas Residents - If you are a resident of Texas, you may secure your Texas All Lines Adjuster License simply by taking this Texas All Lines Adjuster Prelicensing Course.

Non-Residents of Texas (Read this carefully!) - If you live in a state where an adjuster's license IS required (e.g. Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, et al.) and you possess an adjuster's license in that state, you may be exempt from taking either this course or the Texas All Lines Adjuster Licensing Exam. However, if you are resident in such a state that DOES license adjusters, you MUST first secure your resident adjuster license in that state before Texas will grant you a non-resident adjuster license. Contact the Texas Department of Insurance for more information.

However! If you live in a state that does NOT license adjusters, you MUST secure your Texas non-resident license by either taking the Texas adjuster licensing exam by Prometric, or by completing this online Texas All Lines Adjuster Prelicensing Course! Given the convenience and cost-effective nature of this online course, there's nowhere better to start!

Accessing the Course

Within 24 hours of your registration for this course, AE21 Online will enroll you in the course and send you a detailed "New User Enrollment Email" with your login credentials and detailed instructions for taking the course. Upon receipt, you may begin the course immediately and will have access for 1 year.


Refund requests must be submitted within 14 days of the original purchase date of the course. Course purchases are not eligible for a refund in any case if more than 25% of the course has been completed.
Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Online Course
Price: $275.00
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