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Thank God it's Monday! Transform Dysfunctional Behaviors To Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love

Do you remember your first day at work? You had the intention to set the world on fire. But within a few days, you discovered you worked with people with "issues" - whiners, gossips, excuse crafters - and they were shooting wildly for mediocrity. And then it happened. Within a few short weeks, you lowered your standards and you've been selling yourself short ever since. Think about your organization-do people say TGIF or TGIM? A Thank God It's FRIDAY culture is filled with employees who drag themselves out of bed, often show up to work a few minutes late, and watch the clock. A Thank God It's MONDAY culture is filled with people who jump out of bed every morning and look forward to playing full on, making a difference, and are committed to producing outstanding results. Which would you rather be a part of? Companies that are innovative and focus on transforming their workplace create amazing bottom-line results even during economic downturns. They aren't losing the $0.34 out of every $1.00 Gallup estimates the average company loses due to disengaged employees. Who can afford that!? It's time to take action and transform your workplace, regardless of your position! Attend this audio conference and receive a FREE copy of Roxanne's new best-selling book "Thank God It's Monday". Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how you can be so good at what you do that your customers go crazy about YOU
  • Explore how to get rid of energy vampire behaviors - no more whiners, gossips, or drama queens to suck your energy every day
  • Understand how you can create a powerful change in just one day in both culture and performance
  • Explore how to breathe results-generating life into vision and values
  • Engage others to think big and make big things happen

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Author: Curtis Wharton

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