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Why Offer Affiliate Content

Increase Your Revenues And Branding With Affiliate Content

In today's economy, organizations are having to do more with less: less staff, less budget, and often less readers or members.

Affiliate content gives your organization the ability to grow your revenues and your brand - without adding headcount, without adding work, and while keeping your website visitors happier.

Consider just a few of the benefits of having us provide licensing, designation, books, and other syndicated training content to your organization:

  • We have been a training-focused reseller for over 10 years

  • We can provide your organization with thousands of training courses virtually overnight

  • The training courses can be offered directly from your website, with your look-and-feel

Featured & Benefits:
  • It is the quickest and easiest way to increase revenues

  • You increase your SEO

  • You get brand extension by offering related products and services

  • You keep visitors on your website longer

  • You can sell advertising on your affiliate pages

  • No Overhead: No capital expenditures, extra personnel, payroll, or support costs!
  • We proactively work with you for product promotions, course recommendations, tile ads, and more - all designed to maximize your revenues

  • The "Best-Sellers", Event Calendar, and other areas of the site update automatically, so you always have fresh, best-selling content - without having to manage it yourself!

  • We handle all customer questions so you can stay focused on your business and not have to be a product specialist for training courses

  • You earn a 50-50% commission split on all sales

Bottom line, working with us is like adding a new division with no overhead and a guaranteed 50% profit margin!!!

Our syndicated content also gives your organization the ability to not only grow your revenues - but to expand your brand - without adding headcount, without adding work, and while keeping your website visitors happier because they can now buy their needed (and in most cases required) training content while on your website!

Examples Of How Affiliate Content Is Used:


Associations can increase their non-dues revenues by offering training and education products and a Vendor Directory.

Specifically, HR Associations can offer the Events Calendar to keep its members up to date on changing laws, new best-practice methods and procedures, and networking opportunities.

Similarly, Financial Service Associations can offer their members designation or certifications, or training on niche products such as how to sell annuities, LTC plans, etc.

Magazines & Lead Websites:

Magazines do a great job of keeping their readers up to date on trends, new income opportunities, etc.

With affiliate content, they can now fulfill their readers' needs to get trained on these new trends and opportunities.

It also helps them proactively, as their readers can now purchase these products directly from their website, instead of leaving the site to purchase it elsewhere.

A Vendor Directory is also a way to fulfill readers needs, help vendors get additional sales and exposures, and generate some ad and commission revenues at the same time.

Training Schools:

Many schools that provide training to help individuals earn a license also can benefit greatly from affiliate content.

In fact, in certain industries like real estate or mortgage, the additional revenues could mean the difference between a profit or a loss - and help keep the company in business!

And in many instances, offering professional development training in areas such as objection handling, presentation skills, etc. will be the difference between keeping certain individuals in business a year or two down the line, which in turn means it keeps that professional as a revenue generator for the training school when that individual needs a CE course to renew his or her license!

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Getting Started

To be an Affiliate Partner, either call us at 770-410-0553 or submit your contact information and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with details on getting started!
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