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If you’re trying to get your Series 3 license to sell contracts or options on futures, you’re in the right place. AB Training Center offers some of the highest quality and comprehensive courses on securities license exams.

Our Series 3 exam prep course is considered one of the best we offer. Our pass rate is among the highest of any training course and our students highly recommend us. What are you waiting for? Enroll in our Series 3 license exam training course today.

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Five Advantages Of Training Courses Before Attempting Securities License Exams

securities trading training courseAccording to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), individuals wishing to work in the financial and securities industry must take the Securities Representative Examinations, in order to obtain appropriate licensing and credibility. The tests, administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), are intended to cushion prospective public investors; by ensuring that General Securities Representatives are competent to perform their work.

Admittedly, these comprehensive assessments are not easy and require months of preparation, and sponsorship from active stockbrokers or dealers in the market. Nonetheless, securities license exam training enables one to practice and prepare for the tests beforehand. Generally, there are about 25 licensing examinations available for prospective financial services advisors in the US, depending on the exact fields they may wish to engage in. Some of the advantages of early preparation for these tests include:

1. Familiarity

One of the advantages of training for securities exams is that it creates familiarity. Candidates get a feel of the real examinations, which are usually intense five to six hour sessions consisting of hundreds of multiple-choice questions. Therefore, it is imperative for institutions that offer securities license exams training, to give students adequate exam preparation materials. These include easy-to-understand study materials and sample tests, for both online and actual students taking part in the course. Experience has shown that students who take the sample securities test repeatedly are more likely to succeed than those who do not.

2. Basics

As mentioned before, there are over twenty securities-related fields that candidates may choose from. For instance, the Series 3: National Commodities Futures Examination prepares one to sell future contracts and options. The Series 7: General Securities License Examination prepares individuals to solicit and sell various corporate, municipal, and government securities, to prospective investors. Generally, most tests must incorporate the basics of each field, in order to measure candidates’ suitability and experience. Securities license exams training encompasses the fundamentals of these financial fields, to give candidates confidence before the main exams.

3. Anxiety

Pre-examination anxiety stems from two main factors: lack of sufficient preparation and natural anxiety. Natural anxiety before a critical test such as the securities license examination, which can determine ones career direction, is understandable. This kind of anxiety usually ends logically, once the candidate relaxes and begins taking the test. However, the former anxiety has no remedy, since the candidate is responsible for lack of preparation. In order to tackle such anxiety, individuals wishing to take securities license examinations should adequately prepare for the test. The best way to do this is by enrolling for securities license exams training at an appropriate institution.

4. Timing

FINRA security licensing tests are mostly conducted digitally. The organization requires prospective financial representatives to seat for the exams at various accredited centers across the country. Once candidates finish the test, they receive their scores immediately. It is imperative to develop a strategy for managing the limited time available for completing the multiple-choice questions. This will provide ample time for rechecking, and substantiating that the answers given are correct. Thus, candidates should preferably register for securities license exam training, in order to develop timing strategies for answering questions accurately, and glancing over the test to make any corrections.

5. Attitude

Success or failure in examinations heavily depends on ones attitude prior to the big day. First-rate preparation for securities licensing tests raises candidates’ confidence levels, giving them a positive outlook towards the exam. Lack of preparation on the other hand is recipe for tension and disaster during examination day.

Overall, the importance of thorough preparation for security licenses exams cannot be overstated. The results can determine the direction of one’s career in future. Therefore, it is critical for prospective candidates to register for securities license exam training. The coursework produces the six benefits outlined above, to ensure successful completion of examinations and consequent licensing by the government agency.

Why Securities License Training Is Necessary

securities licenseThe insurance and financial securities industry requires licensing for several reasons. Most importantly, it is for the protection of the customer and the prevention of scams run on vulnerable people. Licensing includes financial guidelines and ethical standards that are regulated by FINRA. There are quite a few licenses available covering all the specific areas in insurance and financial securities. Training is available for all these licenses. Securities license training is available and very accessible to help you move toward your financial services goals.

However, it is important to determine what license you need based on your area of expertise. Some securities licenses require you to be sponsored by your employer or potential employer in order to obtain your license. How do you get this training?

Training is offered in one of three ways. Online courses, self-study or a classroom setting are the three options available to you. The choice is based on your individual situation. If you are a person with a good amount of self-discipline and have few distractions, self-study is a great option. If you need some type of structure, the online class is an option. Or, if you need the structure from the classroom setting, this is the third option.

For companies that have several employees that require licensing, custom training is available. This would fall under the classroom setting. Training centers are also available for the classroom training.

The licenses being offered have pre-requisites for each license number. Those pre-requisites need to be reviewed to make that all your bases are covered before you obtain the training. The series of licenses are as follows:
- Series 3–4, 6-7, 9-11
- Series 24, 26–28
- Series 31-32, 37–38
- Series 51, 53, 55, 56
- Series 62-63, 65-66
- Series 79, 82, 99

Each series has a specific knowledge base in the financial securities arena. You can review the information online to find out more information in the area that interests you. You can also search the official FINRA site for even more detailed information.

The license requirement establishes all financial securities agents as authorized to do business in this arena. The regulations offer the public security and reassurance that there are standards to be followed when others are responsible for investing their money. The regulations and standards for licensing offer agents and brokers the guidelines that must be kept for them to work in the arena. This lets the public know that the law protects their investments.

For employer sponsorship, it is important to keep in mind that if the company is paying for the training, there may be terms of commitment once you receive your license. Should you break that commitment, you may be responsible for repayment to the company for the training.

The options available to obtain your securities license training are plentiful. They provide flexibility for those who need it as well as a study guide for the final exam. With these choices, you can move forward with your goal to obtain the license and further your career.

An Overview Of Securities Licensing

The financial industry is a vital pillar supporting the US as well as world economy. Trades worth trillions of dollars are transacted every day. There is need for supervisory regulation to ensure corporate clients and individuals do not lose investments in dubious schemes. This is why the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) was set up to address these challenges. A securities license is the key that will open the investments door. It is not a straightforward affair as there are factors which determine the type of license required. The following guide will take you through the importance of securing a securities license and how to get one.

securities trading
Importance of Licensure

To begin with, you will be able to handle financial instruments as a broker or dealer. Without licensure it would be impossible to get an opening in the financial industry. The securities license shows that you have extensive knowledge of security markets operations, securities laws, as well as financial products. An individual with such knowledge is capable of handling investments properly. This means being able to analyze financial market fundamentals and investment risk factors. Some of the investment tools you will be handling include stocks, open-end funds, options, and bonds. There are many brokerages and security firms ready to employ individuals with the right skills in addition to licensing. Salaries for new entrants hover around $50,000 every year. The annual pay package if you stick around for several years can be as high as $175,000.

How to Get a Securities License

You can only get a securities license by way of sponsorship from a broker-dealer. In addition to the sponsorship, you will have to undergo rigorous preparation before sitting for the licensing exam. Even after acquiring the license, it is advisable to keep up to date with continuous education. The majority of employers fall into two broad categories, retail and independent. Licensing requirements differ with independent broker-dealers taking a more liberal approach. FINRA oversees the administration of exams and licensing procedures. There are three main licenses that every person working with financial instruments must obtain. These are the limited-investment securities license (series 6), the general securities representative license (series 7), and series 3 license. You should also take note that FINRA does not administer all licenses. The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) also offers some key licenses. These are the uniform securities agent license (series 63), series 65, and series 66 licenses. You must achieve a score of 70 percent in both FINRA and NASAA examinations to be licensed. However, the pass rate for series 63, 65 and 66 is a little bit higher. You will have to score 72 percent, 72 percent and 75 percent respectively to have any chance of receiving licensure. After passing the requisite exams, you have to register the securities license with an approved a broker-dealer.

Are You Signed Up for the Series 3 Exam / Futures and Options Seminar?

Exclusively from AB Training Center, the Series 3 Exam / Futures and Options Seminar is coming soon to Chicago and New York. This is one of the top seminars in the country for Series 3 information.

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What you can expect from this seminar:

This two successive day seminar serves as a educational course for the National Commodities Futures Examination – Series 3, and provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of market theory and industry practice.

Live Seminar
This engaging seminar covers all topics the Series 3 exam, such as:

  • Trading theory, basic functions and terminology
  • Margins, offset, settlement, delivery
  • Option premiums, exercise, assignment and settlement
  • Orders, customer accounts, price analysis
  • Hedging
  • Spreading
  • Speculating
  • Strategies and calculations
  • Regulations, compliance rules and disclosures

Self-Study Exam Materials – included!
Our materials are used by major financial firms, exchanges and regulators to educate staff and prepare candidates for the Series 3 exam. Upon registration for this course, you will be shipped the following comprehensive, self-study exam materials (a $240 value) for a blended learning experience with the live seminar:

  • Futures and Options – a 237-page textbook with multiple-choice and true/false questions at the end of each chapter to test your understanding, plus explanatory answers into the concept and testable context to reinforce learning, and improve retention
  • Guide to US Futures Regulation – a 92-page textbook with multiple-choice and true/false questions to test your understanding and to reinforce learning and retention
  • Series 3 PassMaster – a Web-tutorial & test simulator with unlimited practice exams, that let you practice and refine test-taking skills. The “tutorial” is the study section that draws from a bank of over 600 questions that can be sorted by difficulty and exam topic, while “test” section provides an unlimited number of timed-test that closely resembles the actual Series 3 exam. This is especially useful and teaches you how to budget your time on the real test. PassMaster lets you to customize and streamline study time and focus on your weakest areas. (Access is valid for six months.)
  • Course Workbook (received at class)

The course is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of futures and futures options concepts and is not intended to be an “exam cram course”. Pre-seminar reading is required before attending the session. After the seminar, we suggest that you invest a minimum of 35 to 40 hours to prepare yourself for the Series 3 exam by using the two textbooks, PassMaster, and by reviewing your Course Workbook and notes.