Test Taking Tips For The Series 63 Exam

If you are about to take your Series 63 Financial Certification Exam, you might be nervous and excited.  Your career in securities starts with the test and will give you the qualifications and licensure you need to become a securities agent.  If you want to pass your test you have to complete educational courses and then study for the exam several times.  While crash courses are available, there are other ways you can prepare for the test to better your chances of passing.  Make sure you consider these Series 63 test taking tips and learn about common test taking difficulties so you know what to expect.

Make Sure You Familiarize Yourself With Terms

series 63 test taking tipsAll of the terminology you learned in your classes will be found in your test.  Terms like agents, broker-dealers, securities, administrator, and investment advisers will be found on the test.  Because candidates are only given 75 minutes to complete 60 questions, you should familiarize with all of the terms so you do not have to spend extra time interpreting the meaning of the question.

Review Test Questions Samples and Learn How to Spot Double Negative Sentence Structures

The Series 63 test is known for using complex sentence structures to confuse the test takers.  When you are taking practice exams make sure you focus on questions with double negatives.  As you know from math, two negatives make a positive.  Long and complex sentences will usually use two negatives so you must read the questions carefully and look for words like NOT and FALSE.

Answer the Easy Questions First

You should review the structure of the exam before you take it.  When you know the structure of the exam you can allocate the time you need for each section so you do not have to rush through the last 10 questions in a minute.  There are more easy questions than complex questions on the exam.  Answer the easy questions first and then use the time you have left to decipher the meaning of the more difficult questions.

Make sure you take some practice tests and time yourself before you test date approaches.  When you practice and time yourself you will not get stressed by the time on the clock during your test.  With the right training and adequate preparation, you will definitely increase your chances of passing the Securities 63 exam so you can become securities agent and make a sizable income.