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Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)

Searching for CIC institutes training? Then you've come to the right place! offers CIC exam prep training for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious Certified Insurance Counselor designation.

The Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation is the undisputed professional credential for insurance agency and company personnel - owners, producers, agents, brokers, underwriters, and marketing personnel. The CIC designation signifies that an individual working in this field has attained comprehensive knowledge of the following subject matter by virtue of completing the 5 institutes that comprise the program. Because of its unparalleled standards, CIC has become the nation's premier designation program for insurance professionals!


The CIC Program consists of five, 20-hour institutes which a candidate may take in any order:

Each institute is 2.5 days of instruction, followed by a 2-hour examination. More than 300 institutes are conducted each year in major cities throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Please note: You MUST attend the 2.5 day course for each institute.
(click here for locations in your area).

Candidates must meet the following criteria to earn the designation:
  • Take all five CIC institutes or four institutes and one Certified Risk Manager course, and
  • Pass all five CIC exams within five calendar years completing your first CIC exam, or
  • Pass any four CIC exams plus any one of the five CRM exams within five calendar years after you complete your first CIC or CRM exam
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To learn more about the CIC designation, click here.

Note: the materials provided on this website are not mandatory to pursue the designation. These materials, however, will provide candidates the best opportunity to attain their CIC certification (audited pass rates between 95.8% and 100% among the 5 institutes) guaranteed!

Recommended Courses & Available Training Options offers multiple exam prep materials for the CIC designation.

Simply select any of the recommended courses below, or search under "Licensing/Designations" in the search box thereafter for "CIC - Certified Insurance Counselor".

Recommended Training Courses:

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Examination Requirements Each exam is a two-hour, 17-21 question, essay examination. Most of the questions have sub-parts, with the potential points clearly indicated by each part. There are a total of 200 points on each exam, and one must earn 70 percent (140 points) to pass. Exams are given at the completion of each of the 5 institutes. Additional Requirements Candidates must meet any one of the following qualifications to be eligible to pursue the CIC designation:
  • Licensed agent, broker, adjuster, or solicitor
  • Have at least two years of full-time experience in the insurance industry or as a risk management professional
  • Have served for at least two years as a full-time insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university
Continuing Requirements CIC designees must attend at least one of the following programs in its entirety annually to maintain their certificant status:
  • Any one of the five CIC institutes
  • A James K. Ruble Seminar
  • A Dynamics of Selling program
  • A Dynamics of Sales Management program
  • A Certified Risk Manager course
  • Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium
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