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Alabama All Lines Adjuster Licensing Course Agenda

Online Course: ID# 1003464


Insurance Terms and Related Concepts
  • What is Insurance?
  • Characteristics of Insurance Contracts
  • Types of Insurers
  • Hazards and Risk
  • Risk Management
  • Important Terms
  • Types of Hazards and Fraud
  • Cause and Loss
  • Interest, Subrogation, and Claims
  • Valuation, Deductibles, and Coinsurance
  • Liability Insurance and Policy Limits
  • Liability and Law
Adjusting Losses
  • The Agent and Authority
  • What is Adjusting?
  • Adjusting the Claim
  • Settling the Claim
  • Negotiations
  • Common Policy Provisions
Personal Lines
  • Preface - Standard Fire Policy
  • Homeowners
  • Dwelling
  • Homeowners, Dwelling, Mobile Home, and Watercraft
  • Personal Auto
  • Personal Auto Laws
  • Farm
Commercial Lines
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Surety and Fidelity Coverages
  • Commercial Package Policies
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Crime
  • Boiler and Machinery
Other Coverages
  • A Flood Insurance
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Umbrella and Excess Liability
  • Marine Insurance Preface
  • Ocean Marine Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Residual Markets
  • Additional Coverages
Insurance Regulation
  • Fiduciary Duty and Ethics
  • Unlawful and Unfair Practices
  • Claims Settlement Laws and Policy Cancellation and Nonrenewal
  • Federal Consumer Privacy Laws
  • Adjuster Licensing, Commissioner, & Disciplinary Actions
  • Fraud
  • Insurance Rating
Practice Exam
  • Practice Exam Information
  • Practice Exam With Feedback
  • Practice Exam Without Feedback
Applying For Your Adjuster License
  • Applying For Your License: Step-by-Step
Alabama All Lines Adjuster Licensing Course
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