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California Insurance Adjuster License Training & Exam Prep

What Are The Requirements For A California Insurance Adjuster License?

Becoming a certified California Claims Adjuster can be an appealing profession that can be quite lucrative. But before you can begin working as an Insurance Adjuster, you must first obtain your CA Insurance Adjuster License.

Why Do I Need An Adjuster License In California?

To get your insurance claims adjuster license in California, you will have to pass a challenging licensing exam. Is it worth it? Many adjusters will probably tell you yes, because by getting an insurance claims adjuster license, you make yourself invaluable to any insurance company that chooses to hire you, and you may have your pick.

As a certified claims adjuster, it will be you who ultimately decides how much should be paid out on a claim. You will be the eyes of the insurance company, out in the field on the front lines, unraveling the mystery of what happened to cause someone to open a claim and who is responsible. You may be involved in every claim for your company, and multiple agents may rely on your opinion every day. It's exciting work that and it can really pay off, making obtaining the adjuster license an appealing proposition for many.

What Does A California Claims Adjuster Do?

An Adjuster inspects property damage or personal injury claims to determine how much the insurance company should pay for the loss. They might inspect a home, a business, or a vehicle to determine how much the insurance company should pay out.

Though the process for reviewing a home versus a car claim may very somewhat, to determine the amount of payout, an Adjuster might interview the claimant and/or witnesses, inspect the damaged property, do additional research such as look at photos, police reports, or doctor/hospital records, evaluate damage, ascertain payout amount, and communicate with the insurance agent and/or client. According to Wikipedia, they:
    CA Insurance Adjuster License
  • Verify an insurance policy exists for the insured person and/or property
  • Identify coverages for which the insured is covered
  • Evaluate the covered injuries and/or damages
  • Complete applicable paperwork
  • Negotiate a settlement according to the applicable laws
What California Adjuster License Courses Are Available?

Agent Broker Training Center always strives to provide the best available claims adjuster training, in California and throughout the U.S. Our 100% online package nails the fundamentals of adjusting while delivering advanced training to new adjusters in the critical tools of the trade.

We also offer our California insurance adjusters access to our live online Xactimate training course. Xactimate is the number one software program for establishing insurance claims, and with our course, you'll learn how to get the absolute most out of it for your company.

Recommended California Adjuster Training Courses, Study Guides, And Exam Prep Materials

Once you earn your license, you'll need help with the computer programs used to determine claim estimates. To assist with this need, we have included below a link to our Xactimate training course, which is the leading claims software program in the country.
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California Adjuster License Requirements

For California Resident Insurance Agents
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a California business address
  • $2,000 Insurance Adjuster Bond
  • Pass the CA state exam administered by PSI Exams
  • Complete the California Insurance Adjuster License application and submit with $311 application fee
  • Submit fingerprints and undergo basic background check
  • 24 hours of Continuing Education are required every two years. The 24 hours must include at least 3 hours of Ethics.
Non-Resident California Insurance Adjuster License

California does not grant reciprocal licenses to nonresidents who hold their own state's license. To become a licensed adjuster in CA, you must pass the state exam.

What Does The California Claims Adjuster Exam Cover? What Is On The California Adjuster Licensing Exam?

As an certified insurance claims adjuster, you can expect to see all kinds of claims, you have to be an expert on all types of insurance. Expect your California insurance adjuster license exam to include questions on topics such as:
  • Insurance terms and concepts
  • Adjusting LossesCA Insurance Adjuster License
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Basics
  • Dwelling and Homeowners Policies
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Package Policies
  • Businessowners Policy
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Handling claims
  • Policy provisions

Contact Info: California Claims Adjuster License Requirements

California Department of Insurance

Address: P.O. Box 1139 | Sacramento, CA 95812-1139
Phone: 800.967.4357

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This information is based on state laws and regulations, and is subject to change. ABTrainingCenter makes every effort to make sure this information is current and accurate, however, ABTrainingCenter is not engaged in rendering legal or professional advice and shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies contained herein.
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