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Certified Professional In Disability Management

Online Course: ID# 1006092
Price: $1,480.00
About This Course:
Become a master in Disability and Absence Management!

Earn your CPDM certification to gain a deep understanding of the essential components of an efficient absence management plan - then how to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Our 'Certified Professional In Disability Management' program contains three modules that provide the basis of disability management. The modules are:
  • Foundations In Disability & Absence Management

    Learn the components involved in an holistic Integrated Disability and Absence Management (IDAM) program including the key roles and responsibilities associated with it, and the federal and state laws that apply. Covered topics include:

    • Values and benefits of integrated disability absence management (IDAM)
    • The programs and structure that comprise an IDAM
    • Federal programs, leave laws, and accommodations
    • State programs and leave laws
    • Employer programs and coordination with IDAM
    • Employment practices and alignment with IDAM
    • Employer assessment of disability and absence programs
    • Health and Productivity Management
    • Measuring Return on Investment
    • Prevention and intervention programs
    • The interplay of laws and employer programs
    • IDAM roles and responsibilities

  • IDAM Concepts Applied Knowledge

    This module goes beyond theory and immerses you in real-life applications, equipping you with the tools to analyze case studies, frame problems, and develop effective solutions.

    With a focus on practical learning, you'll gain the skills to navigate the complexities of absence management plan structure and identify the best course of action for resolution. Covered topics include:

    • Absence Management
    • Absences and Interventions
    • Health and Productivity Management
    • IDAM program infrastructure
    • Data analytics
    • Measuring absence and productivity
    • Cost, savings, and strategic planning
    • Corporate politics and buy-in

  • Management Of IDAM

    Learn the critical connection between absence management programs, employee and health care management, and the lasting effectiveness of your holistic integrated disability and absence management plan.

    This module employs real-life scenarios and a multi-disciplinary approach to equip students with the skills to assess, coordinate, and monitor complex claims. You will gain the ability to evaluate options that ensure compliance, quality, and cost-effectiveness, resulting in a seamless experience for employees and managers alike. Covered topics include:

    • Identify and assess perplexing issues of disability and absence case management
    • Effectively promote employee participation through evidence based lifestyle modification
    • Understand the importance of clearly identifying escalation criteria and leveraging vendor resources for complex and catastrophic case management
    • Evaluate and refine the IDAM program goals and objectives based on data
    • Learn the significance and components of SAW/RTW in IDAM, the importance of leadership and stakeholder buy-in, and how the program is an effective business strategy for reducing absences while supporting employees work capabilities, time off needs, and benefits

    How To Access Your Course:

    Upon registration, you will receive an email from the course provider with access instructions. Students can complete the designation at their own pace.

    All quizzes, exams, and assignments are included. Although you will have mid-terms and finals for each module, you do not need to take a cumulative exam at the end of the final module. Completing all three modules and passing each module's exam earns you the certification.
    Certified Professional In Disability Management
    Price: $1,480.00
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