Futures & Options (text book)

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About This Course:
Futures and Options is "must read" text for the aspiring financial professional, investor or market-user!

Developed by practitioners, this comprehensive soft cover text explores the fundamentals of the markets in a well outlined and concise format. It covers all aspects of futures and options, and underlying cash markets for both physical commodities and financial instruments. Topics include:

  • futures and options markets
  • futures industry institutions and professionals
  • accounting, margin and leverage
  • trading futures
  • futures spreads
  • options on futures
  • hedging with futures and options
  • interest rate futures and options
  • broad-based stock index futures and options
  • security futures
  • foreign exchange futures and options
  • energy futures and options
  • metals futures and options
  • agricultural futures and options

Futures and Options is a basic component in any collection of quality industry reference library. The text also includes and extensive glossary and over 230 questions and answers to test your understanding and retention of the concepts and calculations.

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Futures & Options (text book)
Price: $95.00
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