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How To Communicate With Tact And Professionalism Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003614

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Day 1
Becoming an exceptional listener
  • How to grasp what is not being said — but implied
  • The advantages of withholding judgment until the end of a situation
  • Easy-to-use reminders that fix your attention on the speaker
  • How and when to use open-ended, closed-ended, curiosity, and clarifying questions
Tailoring a message to fit your audience
  • How to break up your message into manageable pieces for maximum impact
  • Different strategies for different audiences (staff members, peers, and supervisors)
  • Specific language that prevents mixed messages
  • Why you must anticipate what your audience wants — and know how to provide it
Using nonverbal communication
  • How to complement your message with nonverbal communication
  • Ways to interpret nonverbal behaviors for a deeper understanding of what's being said
  • How to make sure your verbal message is consistent with your nonverbal message
Understanding how your behavior influences others
  • How to fix situations — not people
  • The value of challenging familiar routines and behaviors
  • How to uncover hidden agendas, influence outcomes, and overcome conflicts
Giving and receiving feedback
  • How to evaluate criticism — what to take to heart, what you can safely ignore
  • Ways to handle unjust criticism and rejection
  • The kind of feedback to use for the fastest results
Day 2
Writing for impact and clarity
  • How to enhance your credibility through well-crafted memos, letters, and e-mails
  • The best way to convey rejection and bad news — and still come out looking good
  • Powerful writing techniques that persuade people and affect outcomes
Connecting with different types of people, from boss to spouse
  • How to interact more effectively with your supervisors — especially your immediate boss
  • How to successfully handle a tirade
  • Ways to deal with bullies, liars, and other difficult people
Communicating in a diverse environment
  • A look at diversity in the workplace — how to keep differences in age, gender, race, and culture from hindering communication
  • The key to staying focused on outcomes instead of stylistic differences
  • Tips to help you overcome strong emotional responses to cultural collisions
Boosting your "power of persuasion"
  • The first deadly sin of communication — how to resist the temptation
  • How to get the support you need for your projects and proposals
  • The best way to use stories, case studies, and other anecdotal information
  • Why you should build a "trust account" — and when to draw on it
Framing your message in the positive
  • The best way to frame an unwelcome message
  • How to say "no" without feeling guilty or upsetting the other party
  • The infectious synergy of positive thinking
How To Communicate With Tact And Professionalism
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