How To Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster

How To Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster

ABTrainingCenter can help you learn how to earn your insurance adjuster license and start your career as an Insurance Adjuster.

Be aware that doing so requires you to take an adjuster pre-licensing course and pass your state's adjuster licensing exam. Below are the steps to help you learn your adjuster licensing requirements and help you earn your adjuster license.

Step 1: Understand The Adjuster Insurance Licensing Requirements

Below are the basic insurance licensing requirements for earning your adjuster insurance license. Generally speaking, you must:
    Adjuster License
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a valid driver's license
  • Be a bonafide resident of your state
Step 2: Determine Your State's Requirements For Earning An Adjuster License

Depending on what state you live in, you may need to take a pre-licensing course and pass a licensing exam to become an insurance claims adjuster.

Go to and select your state from the list to see your state's Adjuster licensing requirements.

Note: While you may not need a license to work claims in your state, you will need one to work for any Independent Adjusting Firm or to work catastrophe claims in another state. As such, we recommend getting a "designated home state license" from Florida or Texas.

Step 3: Where Needed, Complete An Adjuster Pre-Licensing Or Adjuster Exam-Prep Program

Adjuster licensing requirements vary from state to state, so ABTrainingCenter offers adjuster pre-licensing courses in both online and classroom formats to help meet your pre-licensing and exam prep needs.

With the online format, you attend the training at a specific date and time, but do so from your home or office computer; with the classroom (seminar) format, you attend a classroom training at a specific date, time, and location.

Both formats come with excellent Adjuster study guides and exam prep materials, including numerous sample exam questions. Applicable courses can be found by either using a Recommended Course listed on your state-specific page or by using the Search Box below.

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Step 4: Study For, And Take, Your Adjuster Exam

Once you have completed your adjuster pre-licensing course you can contact your state's Department of Insurance to find your local testing center.

Note: If your state doesn't license insurance adjusters, we recommend getting a designated home state license from Florida or Texas. While you may not need a license to work claims in your state, you will need one to work for any Independent Adjusting Firm or to work catastrophe claims in another state.

How To Study For Your Adjuster License Exam

Studying for your Adjuster licensing examination is easy with one of our pre-licensing training courses, because each, in addition to the great subject matter training, also includes numerous sample exam questions and great exam prep materials.

Here is the recommended way to study for your Adjuster licensing exam to become a Claims Adjuster:
  • Select your preferred training format
  • Read the subject matter content prior to attending or starting the training
  • While doing so, make notes of any areas where you are unsure or need assistance
  • Take the training. If via an Instructor-led format, be sure to get your Instructor to help you with any are of which you are unsure or need assistance
  • Schedule your licensing exam for about four weeks after you complete your pre-licensing class
  • When studying, focus not just on the training materials, but review as many of the sample Adjuster exam questions as possible, as they will closely mirror the type of questions your will see on your Adjuster's exam
Step 5: Determine Your Insurance Adjuster Career Interests

There are a few different routes for employment that an insurance claims adjuster can pursue:
  • Staff adjuster
  • Independent adjuster
  • Public adjuster
Being a staff adjuster for an insurance group or firm generally means you are salaried, and you will receive benefits like a pension, life and health insurance, and continuing education training.

An independent insurance adjuster works as a contractor for multiple insurance firms or third-party administrators.

Both types of adjusters - staff employees and independent contractors - may handle both regular daily claims that happen on a normal basis, as well as catastrophe claims from weather events and man-made disasters.

Public insurance adjusters work on behalf of policyholders directly. They will help businesses or individuals file an insurance claim if a proposed settlement from an insurer is seen as unfit.

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