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HS 311: Fundamentals of Insurance Planning

Resource Material: ID# 1000956
Price: $295.00
About This Course:
BS 311: Fundamentals of Insurance Planning

This course introduces you to insurance concepts as a component of financial planning.

This concise and focused study guide covers:

  • Executive summaries of the text
    • Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
    • The Insurance Industry: Types of Insurers; Marketing Systems; and Insurance Company Operations
    • Legal Principles of Insurance, Social Insurance
    • Life Insurance: Types of Policies and Policy Provisions
    • Life Insurance Planning - Annuities
    • Medical Expense Insurance
    • Disability Income Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Property and Liability Exposures - Homeowners Insurance
    • Auto Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Commercial Policies
  • A Case Study
  • Definitions of keywords and other relevant definitions
  • Sample diagnostic exam
  • Answers to sample exam (with explanations!)

Our materials summarize and outline the fundamental concepts of the program, and provide you with to-the-point, time-saving executive summaries to maximize your learning, retention, and pass rates.

In fact, surveys from our customers demonstrate the exceptional value of our program. Specifically, candidates report that:

  • Our Course Guides covered virtually everything on their exams
  • They spent significantly less time preparing for their exams
  • They attained much higher pass rates - 97.8% - compared to other preparation methods!


Burnham's preparation materials have played a key role in helping me to prepare for several exams. When you supplement the Burnham system with your regular reading (and course work), there is no better way to prepare. Since there is always so much information presented to you in any single assignment, Ray's materials help you to organize all of the information and help you to effectively focus on the critical points.
This method has helped me to learn the material more effectively ... at a much faster pace. Ray is passionate about his work, and he unequivocally guarantees that you will be satisfied. Thanks for caring Ray ... you and your materials are AWESOME!!
- Charles Boornazian

In the past 2 1/2 years I have completed the INS, API, AIS, and CPCU. I began using The Burnham System with INS 23. I had previously completed INS 21 and 22 before using your study method. I must say that your program with guaranteed results definitely works. In today's society it is very refreshing to receive and use a product that is better than the promise. I have just completed 7 years in the insurance industry after having a 24 year career in the Army. I was recently promoted to Senior Underwriter in Personal Lines. While I'm sure that my performance played a key role in the promotion, I am also certain that my studies gained the attention of my peers and supervisors.
Your system minimized my study time, which allowed me to focus on the key points. I personally paid for 2 of your course guides while the company picked up the bill for the rest. The cost versus results is immeasurable. I appreciate your contribution to the industry. Thanks very much for all you do,
- Winston Letterman

The INS 23 is the 3rd course that I'll be using your study guides with. I'm HOOKED!!! I appreciate the way you explain the material in layman's terms. I can read the other manual and then wonder what I had just read. The INS 23 is the last one in this AU series that I have to take. However, since you have made it easier, I'm looking forward to possibly delving into some other applicable courses as well.On the AU 65 &66, every morning first thing before I did anything else, I would read the 5 or 6 pages in that chapter every day. (It was quick, easy reading.). I didn't try to memorize anything. I just read an assignment a day. It took me 20-30 minutes, then I was done for the day. I did that every day for weeks. The material being covered started becoming more and more familiar. When it came down to "crunch" time right before the test, I don't feel that I had to study and "cram" as hard as I have done in the past. Thanks again!!!!
- Mary Malone

Note: This course is required for the CLU Program, ChFC Program and CFP® Certification Curriculum. It may be taken independently for professional development or in conjunction with other courses to earn the CLU, ChFC, or CFP designations. Click on any of these hyperlinked items for a full description of that designation.

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HS 311: Fundamentals of Insurance Planning
Price: $295.00
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