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Maryland Workers' Compensation Series Training and Exam

Online Course: ID# 1003094
Price: $249.00
About This Course:
This course will cover how to determine the compensability of a claim including who is covered, what type of injuries/conditions are covered, and the various defenses to compensability under Maryland law.

Thereafter, it will move into available benefits, both temporary and permanent and provide instruction on how to calculate same.

Finally, we will instruct on the procedural aspects of Maryland workers' compensation and how/where to obtain additional useful information.

Learning Objectives

By taking this course, you will learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate in Maryland. The course is delivered via self-paced, online modules and an end-of-course exam, as described below.

  • Maryland Workers' Compensation Insurance System Overview

    This module covers the technical aspects of insurance in Maryland including how insurance underwriters determine the premium employers pay and what factors drive up the cost of a workers' compensation insurance policy.

  • Overview of the Maryland Workers' Compensation Legal System

    This module begins with an introduction of the Maryland Workers' Compensation statute and moves on to determining "who" is a "covered employee." Explanations are provided for "statutory employment" as well as the distinction between an 'accidental injury' and an 'occupational disease.' Instruction is included regarding the filing on an "Employee Claim Form".

    Additional topics in this module include psychiatric claims, statute of limitations, Employer reporting requirements, defenses to compensability and fraud.

  • Key Legal Issues in Maryland Workers' Compensation

    This module will instruct on how to calculate the Claimant's "average weekly wage" upon which all benefits are based in Maryland. From that point, the program moves on to explain temporary total disability benefits, temporary partial disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, permanent total disability benefits and death benefits.

    The program also provides a brief outline of vocational rehabilitation benefits as due under Maryland law. This program includes a discussion of future medical treatment, re-opening a claim for "worsening of condition" and full and final settlement of a claim.

    Finally, the module concludes with an overview of procedural "forms" available on the Commission's website.

  • Advanced Issues in Maryland Workers' Compensation

    This module focuses on the procedural nuances of Maryland Workers' Compensation practice. Included in this module are discussions on exclusivity of remedy, unsafe working conditions, injured minors, third party actions/ lien recovery, payment of medical expenses, disclosure and production of medical information and choice of physician.

    This module provides instruction on non-monetary benefits covered by the Statute (such as home modification / orthopedic appliances, etc.). Finally, the program provides a procedural overview of a claim from contesting it at the outset to appealing an initial decision by the Commission.

  • Exam

    One exam is included in the Maryland Workers' Compensation Series. It consists of 50 questions with a 90 minute time period. You must first take the Maryland Workers' Compensation Series training modules before taking this exam. The pass mark is 70%. You will have one attempt to pass this exam. (Additional exams are $50).

You will receive three months of unlimited access to this package. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with instructions to access your online training. You may begin immediately!

Note: This course may be taken independently for professional development or in conjunction with other courses to earn the Workers Compensation Specialist (WCS) designation. Click on the hyperlinked item for a full description of the designation.

Maryland Workers' Compensation Series Training and Exam
Price: $249.00
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