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Massachusetts Insurance Adjuster License

Massachusetts Insurance Adjuster Licensing Requirements

Adjuster LicenseIf you are looking for work in the insurance industry that is potentially lucrative and does not require you to sell insurance, you may find an insurance claims adjuster to be an ideal position. Insurance claims adjusters have specific skills and knowledge that both insurance companies and private individuals looking to establish the value of their claims need.

What Is An Insurance Claims Adjuster?

An insurance claims adjuster is the individual that the insurance company sends to the scene of the event that triggered a claim to determine the veracity and value of said claim. As an insurance claims adjuster, you interview those who witnessed the event as well as the claimant, examine the scene and do whatever else is required to assess the value of the claim under the claimant's policy.

How Do I Become A Massachusetts Insurance Claims Adjuster?

If you want to work auto claims in Massachusetts you will need an Auto Appraiser license. However, to work standard property claims, unlike most states, Massachusetts does not have a state-specific licensing requirement. That said, most insurance companies prefer to hire someone with a license and experience, so we recommend that you earn a Designated Home State license from Texas or Florida. Click the links below for courses for each of these licensing courses.

How Do I Start Working As An Insurance Claims Adjuster In Massachusetts?

If you are planning to be an insurance claims adjuster and work for an insurance company in Massachusetts, you will want to obtain a DHS license. This will require comprehensive claims adjuster training. In Massachusetts, you can get this training through one of our Agent Broker Training Courses.

Many seeking an adjuster license in Massachusetts have had great success with Agent Broker online training courses like the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course and the Florida Certified Adjuster Designation Online Course. This will allow you to become a licensed independent adjuster with a Designate Home State (DHS) Licenses from either state thus making you more marketable for new job opportunities.

These online courses are self-paced, so you can learn according to your own schedule and review as needed until you are fully prepared to pursue your insurance claims adjuster future. Lesson material is presented in a user-friendly format that is colorful, interactive, interesting, and relevant to adjusting practice in today's "real-world" of claims. Training covers:You will also want to sign up for one of our live online Xactimate training courses. Insurance adjusters throughout the country rely on Xactimate software to manage their claims adjusting. This course provides a comprehensive walk-through from Xactimate experts to help you maximize your benefits from the program.

Recommended Massachusetts Claims Adjuster License And Auto Appraiser Training Courses

To find Massachusetts Adjuster pre-licensing courses, study guides, practice tests, and exam prep materials to permit you to work as an adjuster in Massachusetts, either click on one of the "Recommended Courses" below, or select "Adjuster" and your state from the "Licensing" section of the search box below.

And to help your career, we have also included a link below to our Xactimate training course, which is the leading claims software program in the country. Good luck earning your Massachusetts Insurance Adjuster license!
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Massachusetts Adjuster Licensing Info

For more information on becoming an Insurance Adjuster, contact the Massachusetts Insurance Department:
Massachusetts Department of Insurance - Licensing Division
Address: 1000 Washington Street, Suite 810 | Boston MA 02118-6200
Phone: 617.521.7794, press 2

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