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Series 7 and Series 63 Training In North Carolina

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North Carolina Securities Licensing

At AB Training Center, we offer a huge selection of classes for those seeking a Series 6, 7, or 63 license or designation in North Carolina.North Carolina Securities Licensing Courses

We have an immense amount of courses offered as self-study, seminars, online training, and even recorded webcasts are available. If you can't make it to a class, the recorded option is a great way to catch up on what you've missed and never fall behind in any of your classes. Everyone has their own grueling schedule and there is no better way to begin a path to the education for your licensure than with the convenience we have to offer.There's no time like to day to get your career on the fast track to satisfaction.

North Carolina has a large economy, which is mostly industrial with a numerous amount of businesses in heavy machinery, plastics, textiles, electricity, tobacco, and more. In recent years, North Carolina has seen a steady climb in demand for securities training.

AB Training Center offers a great selection of courses in Cary, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, and their surrounding areas. Please call us today so we can help you in beginning your journey to a license in security training.

Find North Carolina Series 7 and Series 63 Training

To find Series 7, Series 6, or Series 63 exam training in North Carolina, either click a Recommended Course below or use the search box. Good luck on your exam!

Best-Selling Training Courses:

Best-Selling Course(s)
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More About Payroll Paycards

Legal Issues For Paycard Programs

Whenever an employer pays an employee there are legal requirements that must be met or at least considered. These requirements depend largely on what state is involved, and include:
  • Can employers mandate paycards?
  • What is considered timely payment in that state?
  • What method of payment does the state allow?
  • Does the state have any requirements for escheatment?
  • Does the state have a "without discount" requirement when cashing payroll checks or when an employee is paid?
  • Does the state have paystub requirements that must be met?
  • Does the state have laws to protect employees' right to choose a paycard or a payroll check?
Disadvantages Of Direct Deposit

Despite its many advantages, direct deposit also has a number of disadvantages that employers should consider before implementing a program. Among these disadvantages are:
  • Employers must regularly update the master file of information on direct deposit participants to make sure that terminated employees are not paid in error. This is one reason why companies with high turnover rates may find direct deposit too administratively burdensome
  • It is not "paperless". Employers must still process employee authorization forms and prepare the non-negotiable "pay information statements" that employees receive in lieu of their paychecks
  • Direct deposit transfers cannot be easily reversed when errors are made
  • The employer loses the "float" on payroll funds - i.e., interest earnings for the period between when a check is issued and when it actually is cleared by the employee's bank
  • The payroll processing "windows" may be shortened because of the minimum two-day processing time required for a direct deposit. Scheduling for holidays becomes even more complicated because of the shortened processing period
  • Some state laws require the employer to absorb bank service charges the employee may incur as a result of the direct deposit program
For more information about payroll paycards, view our Payroll Operations Training & Certification Program, which is where the information above is excerpted. This course also includes step-by-step strategies on how to set up a paycard program, including how to select a payroll paycard vendor.
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