Series 3 Exam Basic Set (Self-study Manuals)

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Study Manuals for the Series 3 Exam
This basic set includes two textbooks which will become a professional desk reference set, once you pass the National Commodities Futures Exam - Series 3 Exam.

This set includes:

1. Futures and Options is a 237-page textbook developed by practitioners and covers the fundamentals of the markets in a well outlined and concise format. It is essential part of preparing for the market knowledge portion of the Series 3 Exam, covering all aspects of futures and options, and underlying cash markets for both physical commodities and financial instruments. This text includes over 230 questions and answers to test your understanding and retention of the concepts and testable content.

2. Guide to U.S. Futures Regulation is a 112-page text that covers U.S. regulatory structure. It summarizes the rules and professional conduct requirements of both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association. This Guide prepares candidates for the regulatory portion of the Series 3 Exam and includes over 275 questions and detailed commentary.

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Series 3 Exam Basic Set (Self-study Manuals)
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