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Series 6 Top-Off Exam Prep - Standard Package

Resource Material: ID# 1007785
Price: $130.63
About This Course:
Since the Series 6 is often the stepping-stone to a career in mutual fund and variable product sales, you need to make the right choice of the prep provider to use. Our Series 6 licensing exam material and comprehensive approach to training will prepare you to pass your exam on the first attempt.

The standard package is the most efficient, low-cost option for passing your Series 6 exam and is ideal for those that are disciplined self-starters.

Course Materials

You receive the following study package to help you pass your Series 6 exam the first time:
  • Series 6 Study Manual
    You will receive both print and online versions of the study manual in an easy-to-understand format. The manual is based upon the most current FINRA exam content outline. Your printed book will be mailed to you while the PDF version can be downloaded through your online learning portal.
  • Custom Exams
    This tool allows you to customize exams to help you cover areas of need, especially on topics that you find the most challenging
  • Crunch Time Facts
    "Crunch Time Facts" are a hyper-focused short list of concepts that you HAVE to know to pass your exam. This list is updated constantly to match your current exam outline
  • Final Exams
    Taken at the end of your study program, these exams serve as a final measurement of your exam preparedness. They may be taken either with or without the explanations displayed after each question, and will assist you in applying the concepts that you learned in the study manual to questions which are posed in the same multiple-choice format used on the actual FINRA examination
  • Access To An Instructor Hotline
    Instructors are available via phone and email. Get your question answered by experts and tap into over 300 years of instructor experience
  • 24/7 Tech Support
    Our tech support line is always on to help you with technical issues whenever your study time fits your schedule
  • Free Course Updates
    We're always updating our content with the latest information to help you pass. Updates will automatically be uploaded into your learning portal. You have access to your course materials and support options for six months from your date of registration
Note: To earn your Series 6 license, you are also required to pass the SIE Qualification Exam.

Accessing Your Course:
Upon registration, your printed materials will be mailed out to you via UPS and access instructions for the online materials will be sent to your registered email address directly from the course provider.

Top FAQs

A Series 6 license qualifies an individual to sell investment company securities, mutual funds, variable annuities, and variable life insurance products.
The various account types, account opening requirements and authorizations, assessing customer needs and profiles, various security and risk options, transaction requirements, and more.
The Series 6 course typically takes 16 hours to complete. Keep in mind, that you also have to take and pass the SIE exam (which takes 24 hours to complete).
Downloadable and printable training materials, Instructor-led training, and a bunch of sample exams.
You should spend several hours preparing for the Series 6 exam by both reviewing the materials and taking sample exams. All in, you'll probably spend around 60 hours between the class, review, and testing.
Series 6 Top-Off Exam Prep - Standard Package
Price: $130.63
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