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What You Say Before You Speak

Online Course: ID# 1000882
Price: $99.95
About This Course:
The success of any personal encounter in the business world begins the second someone lays eyes on you, often long before either of you says a word. A professional image - appearance and behavior - helps start the experience in the right vein since people decide 10 things about you within 10 seconds of seeing you.

This self-paced online course will teach you the art of impression management, equally applicable to men and women. Learn how to determine what impression you want to make, and then how to look and act to get that reaction. You tell others how to treat you.

Your business associates and coworkers mirror whether you want to be treated as Number One or Number Ten no matter your level. It's time to take charge and positively impact your career!

About this Presenter

Lillian Bjorseth has helped tens of thousands of people build more social capital. She believes that networking and good communication are the 21st century tools to build relationships that help increase sales and enhance careers.

The Chicago Tribune calls her a "networking expert"; the Association Forum of Chicagoland calls her "the business networking authority".

You can feel her infectious enthusiasm as she guides you through her favorite topics of business networking, business development and communication skills!

This course offers unlimited use - 24/7 - for 60 days. If necessary, you may request a one-time 30 day extension for $49 before your course expires. For an extension please call us at 866-357-0841. If the course expires you will have to repurchase the course.

What You Say Before You Speak
Price: $99.95
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