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Arizona Workers' Compensation Training

Workers' Compensation Training For Insurance Agents In Arizona

Improve Your Workers' Compensation Skills: Learn About Arizona Workers Compensation Law

Are you an Arizona Insurance Agent or handle workers' compensation administration for an Arizona organization? Do you need to know more about the workers comp state laws and statutes in Arizona? If yes, we can can help! Simply read below for an overview of what you need to know, as well as links info on Arizona workers comp rules and training course to help you stay in compliance.

What Are The Workers Compensation Requirements In Arizona? What Should An Insurance Agent Know Re Arizona Workers Compensation?

Arizona law requires most businesses with one or more full- or part-time employees to have workers' compensation insurance. Exceptions include independent contractors, casual or occasional workers, and domestic workers who are only employed in a home.

As such, insurance agents should be able to explain to their clients how workers compensation in Arizona works, understand their clients' past and potential claims, then be able to get quotes for coverage. Regarding coverage - and it's cost - insurance agents should understand the number and type of employees, as well as the kind of work the employees do in order to get quotes.

Other responsibilities of insurance agents selling workers' compensation insurance include suggesting best practices for claims handling and administration.

Regarding the administrative end, Insurance Agents should understand the state's workers comp rules and requirements, how to deal with accommodation and return-to-work requests, management of the claim, proper account handling procedures, and how to fight fraudulent claims. Read below for training courses that teach you and your clients how to do this and more!

What Should Insurance Agents And Administrators Know About Workers Comp Compliance?

Insurance Agents and individuals assigned to handle workers compensation responsibilities should have a working knowledge of Arizona workers compensation law, specifically know, how to develop, maintain, and manage the organization's workers' comp program, investigate and process workers' compensation claims, communicate with employees, managers, insurance carriers, medical providers, attorneys, and upper management re workers comp issues.

Further, workers comp administrators should be able to accurately and timely report workplace injuries and illnesses, work within the various workers compensation laws, rules, and requirements for issues and requests such as accommodations, restrictions, and return-to-work. Yes, there is a lot of work - and regulations - in handling an organization's workers comp responsibilities. But don't worry, we have many workers comp training courses that can help!

Arizona Workers' Compensation Training Courses

Workers Comp Training Seminars And Webinars

Listed below are some of our best-selling Workers Comp seminars and webinars. You attend seminars in-person at a specific date, time, and venue. Webinars are available in live, CD, and OnDemand formats.Online Workers Comp Training Courses

The following are online courses you can take anywhere with Internet access:How Workers' Compensation Works

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For More Info On Arizona Workers Compensation Regulations And Requirements

The workers' compensation system in Arizona is a no-fault system designed to compensate injured workers for medical bills, lost wages, and permanent impairments resulting from their injuries.

Though there are some exemptions, organizations in Arizona are required to carry workers' compensation insurance if they have employees. For specific information on Arizona workers comp law - aka Arizona workmans comp law - contact:

Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI)
Address: 100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 261, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2630
Phone: 602-364-4457
Website: or

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