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Six Ways To Stand Out As An Insurance Agent


Insurance is an extremely competitive business. So how do you stand out? How do you sell yourself and become an exceptionally good insurance agent?

If you are struggling with how to market yourself as an insurance agent, here are six approaches to try:
  1. Add Value
    Many agents′ pitches are based on one factor - price. But if you can′t offer a lower price than your competition, you need to come up with another way - by adding value. Convince your clients that you offer value that the other guys don′t.

    If you sell property insurance, consider sending a monthly newsletter about home values in specific areas, including those where your clients live. If you sell life insurance, you can include information about a local nutritionist who offers discounted advice for your clients. Get creative! There are lots of ways you can separate yourself from the pack by adding value.
  2. Expand Your Offerings
    Even if you are the best health insurance salesman in the world, a potential customer will often choose to get all of their insurance types from one provider - namely, your competitor. This is especially true if your competition offers a bundle package in which clients get a cheaper policy for buying multiple types of insurance.

    The more lines of insurance you are able to offer, the more competitive you can be, and the more customer loyalty you can engender.
  3. Supercharge Your Website
    If you don′t have a website, get one! You might be attracting a few customers through referrals, cold calls or pounding pavement, but most people will go online to look for insurance. You want to be sure that you optimize your website for the type of insurance you sell in your location. Also, make sure your page ranks as close to the top of search engine results as possible.
  4. Increase Your Social Media Presence
    Social media is a great way to get attention for your insurance business. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to express yourself and show the world why you are a different kind of insurance agent. You can also link your social media posts back to your website to increase traffic.

    Your posts should be informative and fun so that potential clients will want to get to know you. Keep updating your social media channels with fresh content so people keep coming back.
  5. Hone Your Customer Service Skills
    Most consumers do not respond well to the hard sell. They want to feel valued. Focus on how you can help them, not how they can help you. Convince potential clients that you′re not focused on getting them to sign on the dotted line — you care about them personally.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Referrals
    If you have happy clients, you should benefit from them! Focus on building a good relationship with your clients and treating them right. Then, ask them to connect you with family, friends or neighbors who might have insurance needs. After all, if you are as good as you want to be, your clients will be doing their friends a favor by putting them in touch with you!
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