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How To Prepare For The FINRA Exam


If you wish to become a financial advisor or any other financial professional, you will have to pass the corresponding securities or FINRA exams. Putting in enough study time and studying with the right materials will significantly increase your chance of passing.

Top 10 Study Tips for FINRA Exams

Not sure where to begin studying for the FINRA exam? Here are 10 tips and study techniques:
  1. Read the entire question before answering: FINRA questions are tricky and often have traps for those who jump to conclusions. Take your time to fully read each question and make sure you understand it before answering
  2. Understand the question: A tried-and-true study technique is to get a sense of how FINRA questions are phrased. For example, if the question says "All of the following statements are false except", then you are being asked which of the choices is true. Anticipating the types of questions you′ll encounter can save you a lot of time and confusion
  3. Expect ethical questions: Ethics are a vital part of being a finance professional. In part, a FINRA exam tests whether you look out for the best interests of your clients. If you are stuck on an answer, follow the most ethical course
  4. Be physically and mentally prepared: A FINRA test can be extremely taxing. The test is long and the questions are hard. Before the exam, make sure you get enough sleep and eat properly. It is a good idea to complete your studying a couple of days before the test. Then, spend time relaxing and getting yourself in the right frame of mind to take the exam
  5. Memorize the most vital information: There are certain questions on the FINRA that you can figure out logically, but there are some that you simply have to know. As you go through your study materials, make sure you identify these vital facts and be sure you know them cold
  6. Bring a calculator: While FINRA exams usually do not contain complicated math, bring a calculator. This will allow you to answer questions that involve math quickly and help prevent you from making mathematical errors
  7. Keep an eye on the clock: You will be taking your FINRA exam on a computer and the amount of time left will be constantly displayed. If you are on a pace where you will not finish in time, try to speed up. If you are well ahead of schedule, don’t be afraid to take a little extra time on a challenging question and make sure you do not rush
  8. Don′t second guess yourself: In most cases, your first instinct is the correct one. Unless you have a practical reason for going back and changing an answer, trust yourself and press on, even if you are not 100 percent confident
  9. Use study materials that simulate the exam: If you know what to expect, you’ll be more comfortable when you take the exam. Look for study materials that include practice tests and questions that simulate the actual FINRA test
  10. Study enough: You should devote at least 100 hours to studying before taking your FINRA exam, with a good portion of that study time dedicated to taking practice tests.
How Agent Broker Training Center Can Help

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