Excel Explained: Charts

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About This Course:
In this session, Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA shares numerous techniques that you can use to work with charts more efficiently.

David will teach primarily from Excel 2010, but will also demonstrate new charting capabilities in Excel 2013. Excel's charting functionality has evolved with each version of Excel, so a special feature of this presentation is that David provides three different handouts to cover these versions of Excel:
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2007

As you watch him carry out techniques in Excel 2010 or 2013, you'll be able to follow the numbered steps in the handout that corresponds with your version of Excel.

Covered Topics:
  • Compare user interface changes in Excel 2013 that vastly simplify chart-related tasks
  • Explore the new Recommended Charts feature in Excel 2013
  • Enliven your charts with clip art
  • Avoid repetitive formatting by using chart templates
  • Use the Table feature in Excel 2007 and later to create charts that expand or contract automatically as your source data changes
  • Create self-updating chart titles that are linked to formulas within a worksheet cell
  • Master the versatile SUMIF function
  • Quickly summarize complex data sets with Excel's Pivot Chart feature
  • Learn why certain features like slicers, sparklines, and even charts are disabled in some workbooks

Learning objectives:

  • Learn new features in Excel 2013, such as recommended charts, and user interface changes
  • Build a pivot chart from a list of data
  • Use the Table feature and INDEX/COUNTIF functions to create self-maintaining charts
Who Should Attend

All practitioners who may benefit from using Excel charts more effectively.

The Presenter

David Ringstrom, CPA owns Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based spreadsheet and database consulting firm that he started in 1991. David has written freelance articles about spreadsheets since 1996, some of which have been published internationally. He teaches dozens of webinars on Excel each year, along with speaking at conferences. David coined the phrase "Either you work Excel, or it works you!" Accordingly his sessions are designed to help you turn the tide and become a much more effective spreadsheet user.
Excel Explained: Charts
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