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Find Insurance Licensing And Insurance Training Courses offer a variety of insurance adjuster training courses and products to help you earn your life insurance license, health insurance license, insurance adjuster license, property & casualty insurance license, or variable annuity insurance license.

Recommended Insurance Licensing Courses

Insurance Licensing is regulated at the state level and, as such, each state government establishes its own insurance licensing requirements and examination procedures.

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The Process of Getting Your Insurance Licence

An insurance license allows you to sell insurance products in your state legally. While each state has unique requirements, much of the process will be the same across the country. The following steps will put you on the path toward your career as an insurance agent.

Step 1: Choose A License

Before you can become an insurance agent, you'll need to decide which type of insurance license you want, as well as where you want to base your practice.

If you'd like to sell insurance to neighboring states as well as your own, you'll need to receive a license for each one before conducting business. These are issued by the state's insurance commissioner. While you can get these licenses without being affiliated with a registered agency, affiliation is required before you can officially do business.

Licenses are also separated based on different insurance types, which are known as lines of authority. These include:
  • Life and health
  • Life-only or health-only
  • Limited lines auto
  • Personal lines
  • Property and casualty
  • Workers' compensation
You must have a license for each type of insurance you wish to sell, so knowing which career path you want to take is an essential first step. Different states break down these categories differently, so be sure to look up the licensing classification types specifically for the areas where you will do business.

Step 2: Background Checks

While each state's specific requirements vary, you'll likely need to provide a background history, work history and a complete set of fingerprints that might be shared with various law enforcement agencies. Your insurance department will use the information to receive a national criminal background check.

Step 3: Exam Preparation

Metting all pre-licensing requirements is an obligatory step before taking your state exam. Specifics vary from state to state, but many states require a certain number of hours in insurance licensing classes. These classes - which can be taken either in person or online - provide a general overview of insurance concepts and regulations.

Once you've completed any required pre-licensing course hours, you might need to take and pass a certification exam. A third-party proctor must monitor the exam.

Whether your state requires pre-licensing classes or you're free to take the state exam at your will, you can continue your exam preparation with self-study training materials. These materials should be specific to your state.

Step 4: Passing the State Exam

After you've done your research and finished any pre-licensing requirements, you'll put your knowledge to the test with your state exam. You must earn a passing score of 70 percent or higher to begin your rewarding career as an insurance agent.

If you're starting the process of acquiring your insurance license, you might be wondering where to turn to find the support you need to succeed. At AB Training Center, you'll find an array of insurance courses and resources dedicated to helping you meet your state's requirements and pass your state exam.

Types of Insurance Licensing Classes

AB Training Center has partnered with well-known providers such as Kaplan Financial to offer a range of pre-licensing and training insurance courses. These courses and resources - tailored to different lines of authority - help you thoroughly prepare for your state exam.

Because different states have different requirements to be licensed, it's essential to use the study materials specific to your area. The types of courses we offer vary by state to fulfill a range of unique requirements. Select your state's page above to learn more about the specific services you can choose from.

Here are the three types of insurance training we offer
  • Seminars

    For many states that require a certain number of pre-licensing education hours, we offer live instructor-led seminars presented by recognized industry professionals. These seminars will fully satisfy state education demands. At the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion that will allow you to move on to your state exam. You may need to pass a certification exam to receive this certificate.

    Many students prefer a live seminar format so they can meet fellow aspiring financial professionals and ask questions on difficult concepts. The instructor - as well as the included print and online materials - will walk you through a range of topics that will be on your state exam.

  • Online Insurance Licensing Classes

    While some students favor a live learning environment, others prefer learning from home on their own time. You can choose to meet the demands of your state's pre-licensing requirements online with our online course packages.

    Like in-person seminars, our proprietary online classes fulfill any required number of pre-licensing hours. After completing the course - and passing your certification exam if required by your state - you'll receive the certificate of completion necessary for taking your state exam.

    These courses offer several interactive study solutions, so you can choose to learn and study in a way that works best with your learning style. Materials include audio and video reviews and a printable textbook.

    Our available online insurance courses provide a full range of insurance training to give you the information you need to sail through virtually any insurance license exam. Available insurance training courses include:
    • Securities Licensing

      We offer the courses and information you need to help you pass your FINRA exams and earn your securities license, including training for:
      • The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Examination, the core requirement for a Series 6, 7, 79 or 99 license
      • FINRA Top Off Exams, the second exam you'll need for a Series 6, 7, 79 or 99
      • The Series 3 National Commodities Futures Examination for qualification to sell future contracts and options
      • The Series 4 Registered Options Principal Exam for qualification to supervise sales personnel or compliance professionals
      • The Series 6 Investment Company Products/Variable Contract Representative Exam
      • The Series 7 General Securities Representatives Exam
      • The Series 9, 10, 24 and 26 Examinations
      ...and many more, including the Series 79 Investment Banking Examination and the Series 99 Operations Professional Examination.

    • Claims Adjuster Licensing
      Our popular insurance courses also include claims adjuster training courses to help you earn your claims adjuster license. In addition to state-specific claims adjuster licensing examination training, we also offer training on Xactimate, the software for generating replacement cost estimates that has become the industry standard throughout the country and may even be mandated for adjusters for your organization.

    • Life and Health Insurance Licensing

      Life and health insurance are major industries throughout the United States. We can offer the training you need for life and health insurance licensing, regardless of the state you would like to operate in, with both online courses and in-person courses. Whether you need accident training, ethics training, or general life and health training, we can help you get the hours and education you need to successfully sit for your state’s life and health insurance licensing exams. We can provide you with life only or health only license exam preparation classes as well for your convenience.

    • Property and Casualty Insurance Licensing

      If you want to sell property or casualty insurance anywhere in the United States, you must have a Property and Casualty insurance license. We offer both in-person and online insurance training courses for pre-licensing and to prepare you for property and casualty insurance licensing exams.
    • We also offer casualty only or property only training exams if needed. Our courses and materials are designed to help you develop your knowledge of state property and casualty insurance laws and regulations as well as relevant federal regulations to a sufficient level where you have the tools to pass your state’s property and casualty licensing examination.
  • Printed and Digital Self-Study Materials

    Along with guided courses, we offer self-study tools designed to help you pass your state's insurance licensing exam on the first try. These packages combine printed and online elements to give you the most flexibility in your studies.

    Resources in the study are state-specific, so you can prepare specifically for your state's exam and take the pre-licensing certification exam if needed.

  • Enroll in Insurance Training Classes With AB Training Center

    If you're interested in getting an insurance exam prep course that will help you excel on your state exam and throughout your career, AB Training Center offers the solutions you need.

    Since 1994, we've trained rising financial professionals across the country with a wide array of resources and services. No matter the unique requirements of your state, we have the tools you need to satisfy any pre-licensing qualifications and pass your exam.

    For more information about our insurance licensing classes, contact us online. To get started, you may search under "Licensing" in the search box below for your desired insurance licensing course and state, and press 'Go!'

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